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Love - Lost and Found [MultiFormat]
eBook by Kate Hofman

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: Leandros' first marriage ended in disaster. The only good things to come from it are his two beautiful children. As Leandros and the children move on with their lives and Leandros falls in love with their new Nanny, who should turn up like a bad penny? Irene, the first wife and mother to his children, who has decided that she wants them back, if only to reclaim the lifestyle to which she was accustomed. Will Leandros give in, for the sake of the children? Or will the twins be happy with Rachel as their new Mommy?

eBook Publisher: DCL Publications LLC, Published: 2010, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2010

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Crystal asked, "Are you happy with your change of profession? It must have been a complete reversal of what your life used to be like."

"Oh yes, very happy," said Rachel. After a few moments, she added, "You probably think my life as a model was very glamorous." She shook her head. "It was mostly a nine to five job. I went to work in the morning, to the studio I had been sent to. There I was told which product I was supposed to show, and I was given clothes to change into if the ad required that. Then there was make-up, hair, the wardrobe woman tugging at my clothes, all that sort of thing. Then, the rehearsals. You wouldn't believe how many times I'd have to hold up the product, smile and say the usually inane text that went with it. When everybody was satisfied that I was word-perfect and doing it right, they would call for the definitive shot. At that moment, a door would slam, or some other disturbance, and I'd have to do it again. This time, I might flub a word--do it again. What you see on the tv as a 1 minute ad, could take half a day or more to film." Rachel smiled gently. "I infinitely prefer spending my days with Thea and Theo."

Leandros showed his dazzling white teeth in a smile for Rachel. "And my twins and I are delighted you decided to change professions..."

At that moment, a flamboyant woman approached. Her dark hair was sculpted precisely, lavish eye shadow made her eyes seem huge, and her make-up was flawless if a little heavier than either Taki or Leandros liked to see. She was model-thin, wearing a flame-red, short dress, with a deep V in front.

"Lee-and-ross!" she trilled, hurrying toward his table. Instantly, Jack stood, but Lucien was already there, heading the woman off.

"Mademoiselle, you should know that table-hopping is not permitted here," Lucien bit out in an undertone. He smoothly placed himself in the woman's path, forcing her to retreat. Jack sat down again, admitting that Lucien's technique at interception was masterly.

The woman protested volubly. "You don't understand. I am a very, very close uh--friend of Mr. Melly-seenos. He will be delighted to seat me at his table."

Lucien's voice was quiet, but frighteningly effective. "If you were a friend, Mademoiselle, no doubt M'sieu Mellisinos would have acknowledged you. As it is, he has a private dinner party here, and I will see to it that he and his guests remain undisturbed. You will please leave this establishment and not return."

"Not return?" The woman's voice rose an octave, and Lucien shushed her sternly.

"Please do not add disturbing the peace to your other misconduct," Lucien said in an undertone. By this time, he had succeeded in driving the woman before him to a point where he could take her arm, courteously, but with a grip of steel. He stopped at her table to allow her to pick up her purse and wrap. Lucien conducted her past a couple waiting at the velvet rope. One glance, and two men in uniform, 'Security' emblazoned on their breast pockets, took over.

Lucien walked calmly back to the velvet rope and the little lectern with the reservations book. "Good evening," he said to the waiting couple. "I'm sorry you had to wait, M'sieu, Madame, but I was unavoidably detained." He unhooked the velvet rope and gestured courteously towards a table.

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