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Brutes, Beasts and Human Fiends [MultiFormat]
eBook by Alan Hynd

eBook Category: True Crime
eBook Description: Ten True Stores of America's Most Depraved Murderers of All Time. If your heart and stomach are strong enough, then you will surely enjoy this blood-chilling parade of murders and other grisly deeds too ghastly to mention here. This collection of true stories of unholy horror and unspeakable evil were written by one of America's most brilliant fact-crime reporters--Alan Hynd. Excerpt: "What do you want fly paper in the middle of the winter for, Mrs. Lewis?" asked the grocer."I can't explain it," said Lyda, and indeed she was in no position to explain it, "but in spite of the cold weather our house is over-run with flies."Two weeks later, Harlan Lewis took to his bed, aching all over, and with the soles of his feet itchy. Nobody suspected a thing and Lyda, who was doing the talking, explained that dear hubby had all the symptoms of influenza. Lyda was lucky in her choice of a doctor. She called in a crusty old character who smelled of a combination of pills and whisky and he bought the influenza story. And so Harlan Lewis, the man who had failed so miserably to implement his union with Lyda, passed on to his just desserts.

eBook Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press, Published: 1964, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2010

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Lethal Louise, The Black Widow Of California

* * * *

You would hardly have suspected that the pretty, well-stacked little lady, who belied her fifty-one years, who tripped gaily out of the women's prison in Tehachapi, California that fine spring day in 1939, had just been paroled after doing eighteen years in the big bad cage for murder. Louise Peete, who, with a moss-and-honeysuckle drawl, knew how to swear falsely on a stack of Bibles, had convinced the parole authorities that she was ready to go and sin no more. And the suckers had believed her--believed an unholy bitch on wheels who had, before knocking off a millionaire lover and stuffing his stiff in a booze closet, gotten away with three other scraggings and driven three jakes to suicide.

So here she was--the top arch-murderess of her era--all set to go out, betray the chumps who had paroled her, continue on her lethal ways, and perpetrate her masterpiece.

Lethal Louise, who had, over the years, gone under a variety of monikers, now changed her name again, as easily as she changed her dress. She began calling herself Anna Lou Lee. Or Mrs. Peete. And she started looking for jobs as a housekeeper in fashionable Pacific Palisades.

Who was this woman--this arch-fiend in skirts? She was born Lofie Louise Preslar in Bienville, Louisiana in 1880-- a member of the female species dedicated to the proposition that the male of the species are suckers. She belonged to that school of thought which holds that the average man is also more or less insane, depending on his degree of proximity to the exercise of the reproductive prowess. Man, Louise held (and proved it for forty-four years) attains complete sanity only immediately after reaching a sexual climax; then, in a little while, say twenty minutes, the old nuttiness begins to creep back again, increasing in intensity until another climax is, in an hour or a day or a week or a month, attained.

"Keep a man happy after dark," Louise always said, "and the daylight hours will take care of themselves."

Louise, who took a satanic delight in using men for pawns, and taking them for whatever they had to offer, gave, it must be admitted, value for value received. Only one of her victims, for as long as he lived to tell the tale, ever accused her of not putting her hips into her work.

"Are you satisfied, honey man?" Louise would always inquire of a gentleman she had just serviced. "You sure you're satisfied?" And the male of the species, all spent, heart pounding, limbs weak, would just nod and give Louise a silly smile.

Underneath it all, though--below that beautiful, voluptuous surface that was Lofie Louise Preslar, beat the black heart of one of the most ruthless killers who ever took human life. She used men as pawns to further her own satanic voyage through life and then, when she had gotten from them all they had to offer, discarded them, after which, still enamored of the female fiend, they committed suicide, or she murdered them in as cold-blooded a fashion as has ever been recorded in the annals of premeditated murder.

What, then, were the hidden springs that motivated Louise, that drove her from a hamlet in Louisiana to the pinnacle of infamy? Unfortunately, no one, not lawyers, judges, detectives, nor dome doctors, was ever able to locate those hidden springs. All we know about Lethal Louise is what eventually bobbed to the surface--but that was plenty.

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