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God's Plan for Earth [MultiFormat]
eBook by Lorraine Hockley

eBook Category: Spiritual/Religion
eBook Description: This compact spiritual guide gives you basic information on numerous subjects, including God, astrology, meditation, spirit guides and soul purpose. It is packed with spiritual knowledge, yet easy to understand. The short chapters make it ideal for dipping into when you have a spare minute.

eBook Publisher: SynergEbooks, Published: SynergEbooks, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2011


* * * *

I wrote this little book because I want you to see what I can finally see after 25 years of spiritual studies: the story of God's plan for Earth. This is not a religious book. It is a spiritual book and it sums up ancient wisdom from many belief systems. As you read, please trust what you believe...

God is the general word for our Creator, the source of all life. It is difficult writing a book about God because we all visualize the concept in different ways. Yet ultimately there is just one source, so please bear with me as I use the term God to describe it.

We all have access to the knowledge in this book -- I am just fortunate to have the time and opportunity to study it. If you are coming to this knowledge for the first time, it is vital to understand that you are part of God's plan for Earth. Each of us has a unique role in the plan.

Always remember that this book reflects my understanding of God's plan for Earth. Please accept or dismiss any of the information, because it must feel right for you. I put it out there; how you receive it is entirely up to you.

I am a visual, fun-loving person; I enjoy learning about big concepts through simple words and humor. The Dalai Lama, one of the best known spiritual leaders of his time, also loves to laugh. We can learn from his happy approach to life. This book is, hopefully, a fun read. Nowhere does it say that spirituality has to be glum and serious.

As you read this book over and over again, you will uncover new layers of meaning. Keep it close by and dip into it often. The chapters have been written to be read from start to finish, but the book works just as well as a 'dipper'.

Don't feel self-conscious if someone discovers you reading this book -- many people today are subconsciously trying to identify their part in God's plan. They might describe that search as 'finding themselves'. What they are really doing is finding their way back to their eternal home.

If you have been led to read this book, just know that it is your time to receive this information. There are no accidents. Take this opportunity to open up to knowledge of God's plan for Earth: you might just find out where you fit in!

The situation on planet Earth is changing rapidly. Time is not a given anymore -- in fact, it has become a luxury. To make the most of your time, it is important to identify your purpose in being on Earth at this point in its history. Your role may be small, but it is necessary to the plan.

We are all working as a gigantic team on Earth to further the spiritual growth of every single human being. One tiny action to help someone struggling counts more than you will ever know. I hope my action in writing this book helps you as you tread your path.

* * * *

The culmination of my soul purpose in this lifetime may well be this little book. My dream is to help as many people as possible understand God's plan, then, using that knowledge, go forth and embrace their soul purpose. You are part of my soul purpose.

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