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Bigfoot War 2: Dead in the Woods [MultiFormat]
eBook by Eric S. Brown

eBook Category: Suspense/Thriller/Horror
eBook Description: Bigfoot is back!

Mere hours after the Babble Creek massacre, the beasts strike again, rampaging across the American Southeast. A small group of survivors in Jackson County, North Carolina, fight to stay alive as things get worse. Bigfoot is everywhere, terrorizing the citizens of Jackson County, tearing them limb from limb and feasting on their flesh. Even the powerful US military stands in awe as the enormous beasts take their stand against them, going toe-to-toe with some of man's most lethal technology.

Just when the survivors thought it couldn't get any worse, death kicks into high gear as the dead begin to rise, hungry for the flesh of the living.

The military, tasked with restoring order and destroying the beasts, now find themselves racing to contain a virus that could mean the end of the human race. Colonel Drake and the small unit of tanks under his command are trapped inside the quarantine zone as the war between man and beast is joined by the undead.

The body count rises. Humanity is on the run. The night is filled with terror, the vicious growls of the Sasquatch and the haunting moans of the living dead.

Are you ready to join in the fight?

eBook Publisher: Coscom Entertainment, Published: 2011, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2011

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Praise for Bigfoot War

"Brutal and visceral, what was once the joke of the Cryptozoological world is now back where it belongs: at the top of the monster food-chain." - Scott A. Johnson, author of City of Demons and Deadlands

"Eric S. Brown breathes new life into the Bigfoot mythos. Grizzly, gritty . . . gripping, Brown pulls you in from page one and doesn't let go until the very end. Even then, he still haunts your nightmares. Bigfoot War is not to be missed!" - James Melzer, author of Escape: A Zombie Chronicles Novel

"Find a big gun, and catch your breath when you can. The raging, relentless pace of this book will grip you until the last page. Mr. Brown has entered new territory and the residents are large, strong, intelligent, and very, very angry . . ." - Stephen A. North, author of Dead Tide

"Eric S. Brown transmutes myth into horrifying reality. Through key people of Babble Creek, Bigfoot War instantly pulls the reader into a small town facing obliteration. A powerful, unique voice shines here, leaving you white-knuckled until you finish, thirsty for more." - Ben Eads, dark fiction writer and host of The Dark Fiction Show

"The first words unfold to put the reader right in the middle of flat-out adventure, action, violence, and an adrenaline rush of sound and emotion. In addition, Mr. Brown seems to have an instinctive understanding of how to put fiction down on the page. The construction of the book and how it moves is purely professional and inspired. He knows how to craft an effective novel!" - James Robert Smith, author of The Flock and Hellraiser

"Goodness gracious, was this book a ride! Eric S. Brown put the proverbial pedal to the metal from start to finish in this fun and fast-paced tale, bringing a horror story filled with gunfire, gore, and grisly death. You barely have time to breath when Bigfoot and the fun bunch wreck shop again and again." - Bowie V. Ibarra, author of Down the Road

"Eric S. Brown reminds us that monsters can be fun, even when taken seriously, with this Sasquatch rampage through a small town. Briskly paced and entertaining, Brown delivers exactly what he promises, with a storyteller's heart--unless some creature ate it first." - Scott Nicholson, author of They Hunger


Kelly had been a deputy for a long time. She came from a long line of cops and deputies who'd served in the mountains of North Carolina. Her job was her life. Others might dream of a family and kids, but not her. She was addicted to the thrill that came from putting an abusive husband on the ground with her elbow on his neck, or the rush of wading into a bar brawl with men twice her size to show them that the law would be kept here in Jackson even if she had to do it with her bare knuckles. She was easy to underestimate and that facade worked well for her. She wasn't so much pretty as a kind of sultry cute, at least according to the guys she often overheard talking about her and her many-times-over broken nose--that she was so insecure over--only seemed to add to her appeal in a strange sort of way. She'd known Jonathan from the day he was elected, and respected both him and the badge he wore. He was levelheaded, fair, and strong-willed. Before tonight, she would have imagined the man simply couldn't be spooked, but whatever was happening in Babble Creek had him totally flipping out. He kept the patrol car's pedal to the floor as the sirens blared and they streaked through town, heading for the station.

"What is it?" she asked him again. "What did Steph say?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," he said as he jerked the car's wheel and sped through a red light without so much as slowing down to check for other vehicles. The car's wheels shrieked in protest as they made the turn onto Main Street.

Kelly let go of the passenger side door she'd been clinging to when she realized she had been subconsciously pressing her nails into it, holding on for dear life. There was no reason to get jittery herself just because Jonathan was shaken up. "Jonathan!" She felt like slapping him upside the head as they reached the station and the car screeched to a stop. He was out of the car and running up the steps before she could even get her door open. She followed him inside. He was already barking orders at Steph when she entered.

"I don't care if everyone's on overtime pay or not. Get everyone we've got here now!"

Kelly watched as Jonathan whirled on Aaron, who was standing nearby with a cup of steaming hot coffee in his hands. "Get the key to the armory!" Jonathan shouted at him.

Aaron dropped his cup, spilling the dark liquid onto the floor, and sprinted for the rear of the station. Jonathan started for his office but Kelly placed herself in his path.

"That's enough," she said, placing a hand on his chest and stopping him where he was. "If we're going to help you, we need to know what's going on, don't you think?"

He blinked as if waking up from a nightmare. "Babble Creek's gone."


"According to the general who called Steph, every man, woman, and child who lived there is dead."

"Oh for goodness' sake," Kelly said half in disbelief and half in shock. "It's got to be a Halloween prank."

"It's not and it gets worse: there was a platoon of soldiers--a squad or whatever you call it--sent in to deal with the situation and they're missing, too. No one's heard from them in hours."

"Was it because of that chemical spill that's been all over the news this afternoon?" she asked.

"No. The general said it was a pack of some kind of new animal, and they're likely on their way here to Jackson County right now."

"Did he say what kind of animal?"

"Yeah," Jonathan said. "He said it was, um, Bigfoot."

The room fell silent as folks stared at the sheriff like he'd lost it. Kelly laughed in spite of herself. "Good one, Sheriff." She popped him on the shoulder. "You really had us all going there."

Jonathan's expression was grim. "I've never known the army to have a sense of humor, have you? The general said help would be coming, but we might be on our own for a while until they can organize another effort to stop the monsters. This isn't a joke. They're real, and they're coming."

Kelly let his words sink in like bad medicine. Fear crept into her as she realized Jonathan was being dead serious. This was really happening.

"Oh," she said, stepping aside. "I'll, um, round up the rest of the staff. If we're going to war with a myth, we'd better be as ready as we can." I guess.

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