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Alan [MultiFormat]
eBook by William Maltese

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay Fiction
eBook Description: ... answers all of the questions you'll ever have about what goes on, sometimes before, mainly after, young men are incarcerated by the legal system behind confining razor-wire fences, steel bars, and locked doors. Are the horror stories of detention true? Are the rapes that frequent? Are the police and prison guards cruel and corrupt? Is true love never found among inmates? Short of becoming eighteen and being jailed by society, you likely won't ever get as close to the truth as these insightful and erotic Maltese vignettes take you. All characters in this series are 18 years or older.

eBook Publisher: MLR Press, LLC/MLR Press, LLC
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2011

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

What I missed most, once my lawyer got me released from Maltese Boy's Reformatory on a technicality, was Lanny Templar's cock rammed nightly, hard and fast and deep, up my asshole. While, by the time of my exit, I suspected I just might miss it, I never dreamed just how much that would be the case. In fact, I missed it so much that it was almost as if I was an addict; Lanny's cock my drug of choice, and I was suddenly forced into unwanted withdrawal. I'd lie awake at night, on the outside, when his cock would have usually been pounding away inside of me (on the inside of MBR), and I'd feel empty without it--less a man without it being there. It was strange, because I certainly hadn't been all that fond of butt-fucking, let alone of being on the receiving end, when I was first incarcerated. The law of the land in MBR, though, says you eventually become an Alpha male, top-man, or your rating falls somewhere lower on the Greek alphabet, and, one time, or another ... often, or not ... you end up having an Alpha ride your ass.

I was able to take care of myself, but only fair-to-middling, at the beginning of my sentence. I'd had some wrestling experience in high school, and I'd had to fend for myself since my early teens, so I ended up saving my asshole in MBR only by getting myself knocked about quite a bit in the process. I finally figured, especially since I've always had far more feminine good looks than I wanted, that with a lot of the bigger and stronger inmates constantly looking at me, grabbing their crotches, licking their lips, told me, loud and clear, what they and their cocks had in store for me and my pretty-boy asshole., I wouldn't likely hold out against all of them for the duration. I reached the conscious decision to be on the constant outlook for the best of the Alpha bunch, someone who'd treat me halfway decently, hopefully ride me on an exclusive basis and not trade me, or my services, at each and every opportunity, for cigarettes, or for a quick peek at one of the contraband dirty books, or graphic fuck pictures (gay and straight), always making the rounds.

Lanny, and his cock, actually weren't my first choices. The problem being that the cons I considered the best of the bunch were taken by other bottom men (or had taken other bottom men), who had gotten there before me. Lanny just turned out to be available, his bottom man having been released on an early parole, and he was looking for a replacement fuck at the same time I was looking for someone who could, for the privilege of regularly screwing me, help me fend off the rest of the horde out to fuck my ass, so I wouldn't eventually leave MBR with an asshole too loose from use even to shit properly..

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