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Naughty in Vegas [MultiFormat]
eBook by Starla Kaye

eBook Category: Erotica/Fetish Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Naughty in Vegasis one of ten short stories from Her Cowboy's Way. Brandi has been looking forward to Colby's surprise gift of a trip to Las Vegas. She wants to have fun at the slots, but is determined to stick with the spending limit he'd given her. She doesn't want to get on his bad side; instead she wants to be very "naughty" on this special trip. Colby is definitely in for a surprise of his own.

eBook Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions Publishing Company, Published: 2011, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2012

Brandi's nose was all but glued to the window of the cab. Excitement thrummed through her. It always did when she came to Las Vegas, and this time was no different. Even at two o'clock in the morning the strip was alive with people and heavy with traffic. So different from back home in Kansas.

All too soon for her they pulled up in front of the Stratosphere near the far end of the strip. Colby climbed out and reached in to help her, but she was already shoving open the other backseat door. She left him to pay the driver and gather their bags. The constantly-opening door leading to the casino and check-in, the sounds of slot machines being eagerly worked and loud bells going off to announce some big win lured her inside. She wanted to play. Now. She'd been looking forward to this trip for a month, a surprise gift from Colby. She didn't want to waste a minute of her time here.

She stopped just inside the doorway and looked around with all the delight of a small child at Christmas time. She could barely contain herself. The flashing lights over the winning slot machines tempted her. Across the room were the roulette wheel tables with crowds gathered around them laughing and talking and urging the current player on. Nearby were the craps tables; maybe this time she'd study the game a little more.

"Brandi Lynn, we need to check in," Colby said, walking up next to her and pulling two pieces of rolling luggage. He forced her to take her bag. "Come on. I'm tired and ready to drop."

Disappointment dampened down her excitement. "But..."

That don't-push-me-on-this look crept over his face. He did look tired, now that she paid attention. He'd worked hard the last few days to make sure things back at the ranch would go smoothly without him. She needed to calm down.

She mustered up a smile for him and nodded to where she'd spotted the front desk. "Sorry, I got distracted for a minute. You know, the bright lights and all. The slots."

He gave her a tolerant look and led the way toward the roped-off area with lines of people waiting to check-in from other red-eye flights. When they got closer, he said, "Tomorrow will be soon enough to check it all out."

This was the tomorrow he meant but had forgotten for the moment. It was hard, but she could be patient a while longer. She took the handle of his bag. "I'll stay here with these and you go check us in, okay?"

"You're not going to abandon the bags and disappear into the casino, are you?" Amusement danced in his tired eyes.

"I'll be good. Promise."

His gaze turned serious. "For the whole weekend. We already talked about this. Right?"

There was good and then there was pretty good, in her opinion. But he wouldn't understand the difference. She'd promised not to go crazy, not to force them to take out a second mortgage or anything. That was "good," "pretty good" meant she would edge right up to the spending limit he'd given her. Maybe go a tad over because his idea of a spending limit and hers were a ways apart.

When she hadn't answered him, he tipped up her chin so she looked directly at him. "Right? You're going to be a really good girl this weekend."

"Sure. Of course. I can't believe you're doubting me." She had her toes crossed in her shoes since she couldn't cross her fingers without him seeing that. She nodded toward the slowly moving line. "Go on, check us in."

He looked worried, but finally gave her a quick kiss and joined the line of people. She licked her lips, tasted the trace of mint he'd left behind from the gum he'd been chewing. She heard his deep rumble of a laugh and watched him tousle a toddler's hair as the young boy hopped excitedly beside him, evading the capture from his anxious-looking mother. He scooped the boy up as if he weighed nothing and handed him to his mother. She gave him a tired smile and thanked him before turning her attention back to her son. Colby was good with kids, good with most people. Someday she'd like to give him children. Not for a couple of years, though. She still wanted more just-them time, selfish as that may be. And she wanted to add something new to their relationship this weekend. Something she'd been thinking about and had read about online. Spanking foreplay.

Colby excelled at toasting her bottom when she got in trouble with him. But there had been a few times when he hadn't really spanked her all that hard. Times when she'd become kind of turned-on by the feel of his hand on her tender bottom. She wanted to explore that, if she could convince him to go along with her idea. She'd mentioned it a while back, but he'd scowled and not wanted to talk about it. She would try and change his mind. She figured her best shot at getting him to try this was here in Las Vegas. Out of their normal element, in playtown USA. The slots were fun, but she really wanted to play with her hot stud of a husband.

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