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The Secrets of Camelot [MultiFormat]
eBook by Saydee Bennett

eBook Category: Historical Fiction/Romance
eBook Description: Queen Guinevere is keeping a secret from her husband and now her life and the city of Camelot could be in danger unless King Arthur's love is strong enough to save them both. Lady Guinevere was betrothed to Prince Arthur as a young child and now that he has become the king, he is ready to make the young woman his wife. Knowing she will be the Queen of Camelot is exciting but what Guinevere wants more than anything, is to be one of Arthur's Knights of the Roundtable. With her raw beauty and his powerful nobility, the royal couple is a magnificent sight for all to see. Their attraction to one another is magnetic and Arthur vows to awaken Guinevere's hidden passion which sparks feelings between the two. Merlin is a wizard in secret and with his help, Guinevere will have the chance to compete in the Tournament of Knights. When Lancelot enters the knights competition, the man is seen sneaking in and out of Guinevere's chamber leaving everyone suspicious about the queen's actions. Arthur is quick to condemn his wife and this leads to the jeopardy of Guinevere's safety. Now, the king has to protect Camelot from those who have betrayed him. Arthur loves his Guinevere but is it enough to forgive the woman for the secrets she is keeping from the king?

eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, Published: 2012, 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2012

The next morning seemed to come and go quickly as Guinevere prepared for the wedding ceremony. After she had taken a long hot bath, Ava and five other servants came into the room to help Guinevere get ready. She sat in her silk chemise while the women brushed her dark brown hair into curls and pinned them on top of her head. Once the bride's hair was finished, Ava secured several small golden jewels into her hair, adding a touch of glimmer. The wedding dress was stunning and when the sunlight touched the fabric, the golden threads seem to sparkle. The ivory satin material was embroidered with gold strands in a beautiful fleur delis pattern and the edges of the dress were trimmed in golden crystals. Jeweled broaches pinned the sheer ivory train to her shoulders and the square neckline concealed much of her cleavage. Guinevere slipped on the ivory colored shoes and then smiled when she saw Ava tearing up.

"Ava, this is no time for tears," Guinevere whispered to her servant.

"You are so beautiful m'lady, I am truly happy for you," Ava replied.

"Thank you Ava, you are a true friend and I cherish that."

The king's steward escorted Lady Guinevere to a small private room next to the large chapel where he asked her to wait for the king. She nodded politely and then walked to the window where she could see the crowds of people that waited outside for the marriage of their king. The vast amount of people that lived in Camelot was surprising to Guinevere and everyone seemed to be anxiously waiting for the bells to ring, symbolizing the wedding had taken place. The waiting bride noticed that even those who only had meager funds looked healthy and clean. There was no poverty here. King Arthur was good to his people and Camelot truly was an ideal society.[End Excerpt] Knowing the man that Arthur was, made Guinevere feel reassured that she was doing the right thing, even if that meant giving up her life with a sword.

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