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Sex Me All Around [Triad 3] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Bonnie Rose Leigh & Tianna Xander

eBook Category: Erotica/Menage Erotica/Science Fiction
eBook Description: The Banart Army has infiltrated the galaxy, spreading their hate, brutalizing their victims. It's up to the Mother Goddess to draw together an army of her own--an army of powerful Triads. Summoned by her Tigerian mates, Dax and Rage Gavaire, Minna Ailani completes the Mother Goddess' latest Triad. Only after the three are mated will they be strong enough to find the traitor in their midst, but can they discover the Banart hiding among them before someone close to them dies?

eBook Publisher: eXtasy eBooks/eXtasybooks, Published: 2007, 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2012

Dax Gavaire scowled into the vid-link at his twin Ragim. "What do you mean you can't come here? This is important. We need to try this spell. It seems to have worked for the Carrillian witches."

His brother stretched and leaned back, putting his hands behind his head. "Maybe so, little brother, but this is important, too. I need to stay here until Fane returns with his mate. He's afraid the council will try to dissolve his marriage and send his mate away. He needs all the support he can get."

Dax ran his fingers through his hair. "Maybe I should return and help. There's nothing saying we can't do the spell on our own home world. Our powers are certainly strong enough for that." He didn't say that he wasn't overly anxious for others of their kind to know of their strange power over nature. Being a mage on Tigeria was not necessarily a good thing. At least it wasn't for their uncle.

Rage frowned. "You know as well as I do that what happened to Uncle Lonato was an accident."

"Was it?" Dax sat forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "How many of our kind fall from such a great height, Rage? How many of our kind with our powers fall from any height and die?" He stared into Rage's eyes, unbelieving that he could truly be so gullible.

His brother sighed. "I know what you're trying to say, Dax. I just don't want to believe our people have sunk so low as to kill their own kind."

"Perhaps it wasn't our house, but another. Still, we must take precautions."

"Perhaps it wasn't our people who caused his demise. He was on Taluthia just as the Banarts attacked. Perhaps the enemy managed to end his life so abruptly." Rage brought his arms down and sat up. "There are many scenarios, not all of them pointing to a traitor in our midst."

"Maybe it isn't a traitor, but a spy. Someone pretending to be someone he is not." Dax knew the odds of that were slim. There were very few people on the planet that weren't Tigerian and those were servants. Still, he liked that possibility better than one of their own betraying them.

Rage nodded. "That is more likely than a traitor. Our houses may not always get along, but I refuse to believe one of our own species could be capable of such an act."

Dax grunted, and picked up the spell book. "According to this, we need incense made from the Kruna tree. This book calls it Cedar. It is to purify the sacred space. I don't think we'll need any other props. I think if we use this purification and concentrate on what we want, our powers will do the rest."

"Do you really think our wishcraft is strong enough to bring us mates from another world?"

"Perhaps not two mates." Dax grinned. "Can you honestly say you want two different women? We've shared everything up until now, even our sexual partners. Do you wish to have a separate mate?"

Rage looked thoughtful. "Do you think there is a woman out there who could put up with both of us on a permanent basis?"

"I hope so, big brother. I really hope so."

"Then get your ass back here so we can get busy burning our Kruna wood and wish ourselves the perfect woman."

Dax, reached over to set the flight controls. "I'm on my way home now. I'll see you in about a week. Have the wood ready. We'll need to do this as soon as I get there since it is supposed to be done on the full moon." Rage stroked the short platinum beard that covered only his chin. It was his only differing characteristic from his twin.

"I've heard there is much Goddess power in the moon. Perhaps there is some truth to that, after all."

"I need to cut transmission now, I'm about to jump to light speed."

"Goddess speed on your return, brother," Rage said, holding his hand up in the Tigerian warrior way. "May your journey be uneventful."

* * * *

Minna Ailani threw her handheld communicator across the room. There was naught else to do with it. It, like everything else in her home, was useless. She'd intercepted two communiqués from the mates of four powerful men from three different planets and they both said virtually the same thing. She tried using the spell book attached to the second message but to no avail. Still, she'd had to try, her people needed help and, if the two women spoke true, she could call help to them in the form of two powerful men of her own.

She tried to ignore the clenching and unclenching of her pelvic muscles. She would take care of that ache later, provided her pleasure tools still worked. However, knowing her luck, they would probably work as well as her spell did three weeks ago. She glanced through the tinted illuma-glass to see the smoking grass and buildings of the town three miles away and prayed the Hienial people would finally leave her planet and her people alone. If only she could escape this place. If only she could manage to find someone who would come to G'Recio and help, they could defeat the monsters who loved to laugh as they tortured her people.

Minna closed her eyes and tried to forget the unimaginable pain, the horrors of being a woman in the hands of such monsters. She'd finally managed to escape, but she knew it was only a matter of time before they broadened their search and found her. Then the beatings, the probes, and the humiliation, would start all over as she waited for them to decide which three would mount her again.

She curled her fingers, balling her hands into fists. She couldn't allow that to happen. She looked down to the fazac on her belt and smiled grimly. No, they would not capture her again. Not alive, anyway. She'd been lucky the last time. She hadn't conceived. She didn't know if she could end the life of an innocent child. But, how could she knowingly help such a deviant race continue their existence?

Her eyes widened as her whole body began to tingle and she reached for the weapon on her belt.

Too late! Her scream of frustration was silent as she temporarily lost the use of her mouth. They'd already trapped her in their transportation device. It somehow dissolved you into millions of tiny pieces before stacking you back together in another location-just as good as you were before, only not as free.

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