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An Ambush of Tigers [MultiFormat]
eBook by Mandy Monroe

eBook Category: Erotica/Menage Erotica
eBook Description: Dedicated to her work, Abby was overjoyed when she managed to rescue the two rare, endangered tigers, Konar and Damian. It was a jolt to discover they were shifters and even more disconcerting to find herself the object of their primal desires, that they had mating on their mind--with her.

eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, Published: 2012, 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2012

7 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Here's Calendar News, bringing you all the latest news on this, the fifteenth of March two-thousand and twelve. "Today's top story! Harris County deputies were sent out into the 'wilds 'of the Lone Star state armed with tranquilizer guns in search of two missing Siberian tigers that escaped from their cages just outside of Houston last night.

"This recent escape comes weeks after an Indonesian tiger mauled a young child in Victoria and another pet Maltese tiger managed to break out of an inadequate cage in a suburb in Dallas.

"The search for the two Siberians continues but this incident has prompted legislators to consider the laws surrounding the possession of wild animals and treating them as pets.

"Estimates show that there are in fact more tigers in Texas than roam wild in India. Tigers are indigenous animals in Asia and Russia and vary in size depending upon the country in which they're found, with the Indonesian tiger being the smallest and the Siberian the largest.

"Kept as backyard pets, tigers are not considered to be exotic animals in our state and with their pricing structure at a miserly one thousand dollars, for many they are an impulse item. Federal law doesn't touch the owners and, as our next guest can further explain, this can be a shame for many of the Texan pet tigers aren't kept in the best of care.

"With us now is Abby Reynolds, a vet and owner of a local animal rescue center, the largest in Harris County, who handles many of these mistreated tigers on a daily basis." Jane McGannis, the reporter, turned to Abby and smiled. "Welcome, Ms. Reynolds."

"Thanks, Jane. It's great to be here, to clarify the situation a little," Abby said with a nervous smile as she tightened one clenched hand about the other. She felt sure her body language was more than likely as awkward as she felt and transmitted her terror at being in front of so many cameras, but even if it frightened the life out of her, publicity was vital where this cause was concerned. She knew in her heart that she just had to grow some metaphorical balls and do it.

The most horrifying aspect of this entire interview process was the studio lights, which were shockingly bright. If she'd been in this kind of light outside she would have slipped on her sunglasses. How people worked with them on a daily basis she had no idea.

Dragging herself back to the matter at hand with a mental shake, Abby forced herself to focus on the blonde woman's rather blank face. She was fully aware that the host of the local news was not interested in this story. That was clearly evident by the look on her face. Despite that, she did her job and asked the questions they had rehearsed earlier, which had Abby almost sighing with relief. She was nervous enough as it was without being asked questions she wasn't prepared for.

"Perhaps you would like to tell us why you handle tigers on such a frequent basis?"

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