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You Own Me [MultiFormat]
eBook by Adam Carpenter

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Gay Fiction
eBook Description: His name is Sinclair McQueen Talbot, an author of sweet-natured novels whose readers would find his after-hours predilections...surprising. On a night's excursion, Sinclair ends up at his favorite Manhattan club, the little-known Crimson. There he indulges his desires with a man who will ultimately change, not just his night, but his entire future. Fraught with writer's block, Sinclair makes a return visit, asking for the same man. But he asks for much more than a night of passion. Intimate, startling, romantic, YOU OWN ME shows Adam Carpenter at his sexy best, where the dual identities and dual desires battle for a singular thing called love.

eBook Publisher: Ravenous Romance, Published: 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2012

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

The Beginning

I was on fire, even after penetration, even after release; that's how he made me feel.

His touch: soft at first, rough at the end.

He left me burning.

Life without him was no longer possible, and I suppose if I'm being honest with myself, the mere thought of spending a day apart sent shivers of fear throughout me. It was as though from the moment I'd been introduced to him, in that crimson-darkened room, we had clicked on so many levels--sexually, of course, as that had been the point that night; but also on a personal level, even with a wall initially separating us. Something had drawn me to him, him to me.

Now, after all that had happened, to rattle and pace around this gilded apartment without his presence, his animal passions, and his insistent and insatiable desires seemed unthinkable. When he kissed me, whether freshly shaved or bearing his weekend scruff, his heavy beard sent electric shocks throughout my body, with satisfaction the only solution.

That was when I would strip him of his clothes, and I would take him into my mouth.

And he would do the same to me.

He would slip inside me, pound with energy, with passion, until his cries woke the world.

I would slip inside him next, and he would ride me and feel all of me thrusting inside him with delirious desire.

No morning was complete with our bodies splattered with come.

No night could end without fierce orgasms commanding us to sleep.

At this moment, though, he is away and I wish him to return to me, safe, sound, as sexy as ever, and soon. Upon his return I will take him to our king-sized bed, and I will thrust my bulging cock deep inside him and hear him beg for me never to stop, and I will feel his nails against my back, scraping flesh, digging for traction.

"Yes," he will plead. "Oh, how you fill me."

And only the natural reaction of attraction, of friction, would force a conclusion.

In the quiet of the night, amidst the sheets, he would stare into my eyes and say what I had once said to him.

"You own me."

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