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Awful Good Girl [MultiFormat]
eBook by Vristen Pierce

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: Living a double life is exhilarating, until a man with the power to deliver the biggest thrill of all walks into the strip club and changes everything. The stakes are high and only time will tell if she's a good girl or an awful good girl!

eBook Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books, Published: 2012, 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2012

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter 1

Lily Finley reveled in the attention of the men crowded around to watch her dance. They didn't care about her, really. But her body... Her body was magic. It commanded attention from the time Lily took the stage until the time she departed.

Her number came to an end as the music faded. She welcomed the hoots and hollers of the crowd with a seductive smile before collecting the cash that had come to rest haphazardly on the stage.

The emcee's voice boomed into the microphone, drowning out the sounds of the rowdy men. "That was Fantasy, ladies and gentlemen! Don't we all wish we had a nurse like that? Talk about bedside manner."

Several men yelled out in agreement.

"All right," the emcee said, "next up is Honey! Y'all know you want a taste..."

Pausing only to grab her discarded costume, Lily rushed from the stage toward the dressing room. She needed to wash up as much as she could before she went out on the floor. The men weren't shy about grabbing the dancers, and their hands were disgusting. There was no telling where they'd been and Lily knew where she didn't want them to go: anywhere on her body.

Unfortunately, Original Sin was one of the seedier dives in Oklahoma City. The owner didn't care about the dancers being assaulted on a daily--and nightly--basis. Whatever made the profits rise was fine by him.


What she wouldn't give to dance in one of the no-touching-allowed clubs. But those places weren't for women like her. They were upscale and popular.

Lily wasn't looking to be known or even recognized. She wasn't in this for money, though she still accepted it. It would look strange if she didn't. No, Lily was in search of something not as easily attained as cold, hard cash.

She was after a thrill. The rush of adrenaline that filled her when she took the stage was key. Without it, there was no point to any of this. Her conservative day job would be her only job. In real life, she was no one's fantasy.

There was no excitement, no escape from the monotony of her days. Her unassuming presence allowed her to fade into the background. And, as Lily, that's where she liked being the best.

She could hear the overlapping conversations taking place inside the large dressing room before she opened the door. Suzanne, a curvy blonde with doll-like features, glanced her way when she heard her enter. "Hey," she said as she went back to applying her mascara, "I caught the first part of your set." She popped her gum. "You were good."

"Thanks." Lily grabbed her large, black duffel bag from the floor. She pulled out a hot pink, pleated micro skirt and slipped it on over her black, lacy thong. "You're up next?"

Suzanne slicked pink gloss over her lips. "Yeah, but I hope I'm done before the real money gets here."

Lily's brow puckered. "Real money?"

Suzanne turned to her with wide blue eyes. "Oh yeah, bachelor party," she said, nodding.

Lily switched her black, halter bikini top for a white strapless number that left her entire torso bare. "We've had those before."

Suzanne scoffed. "Not like this." She stared at herself in the mirror as she raked her fingers through her hair. "I think these guys have serious cash."

"What makes you say that?" Lily asked absentmindedly as she stuffed the bikini top, the nurse costume, and the cash into her bag.

"Adam's friends with the guy who planned the party. He talked him into giving this place some business." Lily smiled and shook her head. "So," Suzanne continued, "I don't want to be on stage when they come." She chewed her lower lip for a few moments. "Will you keep them company for me if I'm still dancing?"

Strippers could be ruthless. And if they spotted what looked like serious money, they could be downright dangerous. Suzanne wanted to stake her claim simply because the odds were better that way. It was bad form to try to hustle someone who was already marked. Some dancers still went after those who were spoken for, but most respected the unwritten rule.

"It's a bachelor party, Suzanne. Plenty to go around."

She pouted. "If I'm still on stage, there'll be no one left by the time I get there!"

"Calm down." Lily unzipped the small compartment in the front of her bag and withdrew a key. "I'll save you one."

"Thanks, girl." Suzanne gave her a quick hug. "I gotta go." She walked toward the door as other dancers milled around her. "Be sure to grab a good one for yourself," she called back before leaving.

"I'll try," Lily said lightly. She took the bag to her locker and secured it. It was time to work the floor. She placed the key in her bosom and adjusted her breasts in the snug fitting top. She'd flirt, give some lap dances, and make some friends. A smile played on her lips as she stared into the large mirror.

Right. These men were not her friends. They really weren't anything but a means to an end. She'd have their attention. She'd make them want her. She was the fantasy.

On second thought, maybe Suzanne had been on to something. There was power to be found in wielding her sexuality over even the most common of men. What kind of rush would it give her to exert that power over someone more worth her time?

She was about to find out. Lily smoothed down her dark red hair and licked her lips before heading for the door. Showtime.

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