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The Road to Weird [Carly's Ghost and Harpo Marx is Seeing Things] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Peggy Tibbetts

eBook Category: Children's Fiction/Fantasy
eBook Description: The Road to Weird is a two-book mystery anthology including "Carly's Ghost," and "Harpo Marx is Seeing Things," both set in Colorado. Prepare to get totally weirded out. A mountain cabin. Footsteps. A cold draft. Is Carly seeing a ghost? A bad fall. Concussion. Visions of the future. Is Harpo seeing things? The lives of two Colorado girls converge on The Road to Weird.

eBook Publisher: Zumaya Publications/Zumaya Publications, Published: USA, 2003
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2003

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"5 Stars! Carly's Ghost is very vibrant with detail--descriptions that vividly paint the story with very few words. The dialogue is ... very natural. This is a well-written book that should appeal to any pre-teen ghost story lover ... Carly's Ghost was cool."--Lisa and Mandy Ramaglia, Scribes World Reviews

"Harpo Marx is Seeing Things is a skillful blend of mystery and psychic phenomena, spiced with Harpo's wit and humor. Readers will find it spellbinding."--Pattie Schnetzler, award winning bestselling author of Ten Little Dinosaurs and Widdermaker.

From Carly's Ghost:

The sun room's glass doors vibrated as she opened them. Carly froze. There! Upstairs! She distinctly heard creaking along the wood floor in the hall. Sassy! Her legs ached as she tiptoed slowly up the steps.

"Sassy. Kitty-kitty." Her voice echoed in the emptiness.

Her bedroom door was closed again, although as usual she'd left it wide open. Perhaps Sassy was shut inside. The door seemed to resist as she turned the knob. Punching her glasses against her brow she peered around the small room. Because of the slanted ceiling, her closet door looked as if it was built for a dwarf. Something scratched at the other side. Flinging it open Carly gasped.

From Harpo Marx is Seeing Things

"What're you psychic or something?" he asked.

Harpo groaned. He was really bugging her. She decided to dump it on him right there. "Look. Just tell your dad they had an accident. Their truck went over a steep bank. I'm pretty sure they'll need a helicopter to find them." She stalked off leaving the words hanging in the air for him to sort out on his own.

Adam caught up to her outside the library doors. "Wait a sec. Where'd you get this from?"

"You heard what I said. Just go tell your dad. Or tell somebody. Kay?" Harpo pushed against the door.

And that was that. Except at the end of lunch period she noticed Adam talking on the pay phone outside the office on her way to History class. But nothing prepared her for the real shocker at home later that day when she turned on the portable TV in the kitchen for the 5:00 news break.

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