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Lost in the Shadows [Shadows Trilogy Book 2] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Jennifer St. Clair

eBook Category: Fantasy
eBook Description: Events that were set in motion ten years ago come to a head as Skade and Nicodemus struggle to free Alden and the vampire from Terrin's grasp. Old secrets come to light when Skade's exiled son is forced to face his past--or die trying to redeem himself once and for all. Can the crimes of the past truly be forgiven? Only time will tell, but time is running out...

eBook Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing, Published: Writers Exchange E-Publishing, 2003
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2004

13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

"He is alive, and I want you to bring him to me." Terrin did not turn from the window to face the figure standing beside the door.

"But I saw him die, my lord. How can Nicodemus be alive?" The voice was rough with suspicion. "It has to be a trick."

"It is no trick. Skade holds his spirit in a mirror; he's trapped in there with her cursed spells. When I..." Terrin glanced down at his clenched hands and felt the smooth, unbroken flow of his spell between them. "When I liberated my sons from Iomar, I found him. She's been hiding him in plain sight all this time."

"I don't like it," the dark figure muttered. "I don't like going into Iomar. You know she has wards set against us, don't you? It hurts when I go there."

"The wards are nothing," Terrin growled. "I want you to bring me Nicodemus. I don't care who you have to kill to get him out of that mirror. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Yes, my lord."

"I'd do it myself, but she knows me. She doesn't know you. Go to Iomar. Find Nicodemus, and bring him back in this." He held out a small black velvet bag. "Disguise yourself as one of her servants, perhaps. She has enough of them in that cursed castle."

A gloved hand took the bag from Terrin's fingers and opened it. The dark figure shook a delicate crystal pendant out on the palm of his hand and held it up so it sparkled in the moonlight.

"Trap him in this? How?"

"Blood, you fool. How do you think she put him in that mirror in the first place?" Terrin pulled on the spell and felt his son jerk in his sleep. He smiled. "Kill as many of her servants as you need to; just bring him back."

"Yes, my lord." The dark figure slipped the pendant back into the bag. His form seemed to shimmer in the darkness for a moment, then he stepped out of the shadows and bowed to Terrin, no longer gloved; no longer shadowed.

"I could go as Michael."

Terrin's lips twitched. "And blame him again for something he had no part in? The idea has its merits, I'll admit. She will be furious if she thinks her son has returned to rescue his friend."


"Do we know where he is?" Terrin asked, turning back to stare out the window. "We might need to ensure his cooperation."

"Once we have Nicodemus, we can find out."

"Then proceed."

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