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Attitude and Self-Esteem [MultiFormat]
eBook by Teresa King

eBook Category: Self Improvement/Business
eBook Description: What Kind Of Attitude Do You Have? Are You Willing To Take Easy Steps Toward Improving Your Life? Discover The Hidden Things That Stop You From Living Up To Your Potential It''s all about taking control of your attitude and building your self-esteem. Sounds pretty daunting doesn't it? Many people thought so too, until they discovered the principles in Your Attitude--Your Self-Esteem. Learn how little steps can bring you giant leaps forward in how you live, how you think and what you do! It''s a lot easier than you may think! Do you find problems with your children, your job, your spouse, money or even clutter surrounding you? Do you feel stuck in a rut? Are you under a lot of stress? Relax! You are not alone. We all have problems. It is the way we react to our problems that make them seem too big to manage and block our road to success. Do you: * Argue a lot * Give the Silent Treatment * Get the Silent Treatment * Jump from one job to another * Deserve a raise Do you want to: * Quit smoking, drugging * Laugh more * Know who your best friend is * Change things to Improve your Life * Reach Your Goals Is Your: * Spouse nagging too much * Life in a Chaotic Mess * Family dysfunctional Are your: * Kids out of control * Friends and Family Successful * Dreams coming True Do you feel: Angry, Sad, Helpless, Unworthy, Upset, Used? Your problems are solved, you just don't know it yet. Mountains are turned into little bumps. Discover how simply changing your perspective on how you see things, feel things and react to the situations around you change your outlook. You Can Take Control of Your Life, and it is a lot easier than you may think. Get started now. You Deserve More out of Life! Get Your Attitude--Your Self-Esteem "It's all about Self-Improvement" Now!

eBook Publisher: MH Publishing
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2005

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter 1

Attitude and Conditioning

I would like to simply clarify what attitude really is:

Attitude is:

What you think

What you do

How you feel

All situations require that you think about what is happening. You have to decide what to do, then work on your emotions on how you feel about what you think and do. That is the simplicity of attitude.

You can be struggling with a problem with your teenager. Your teen's new friends are not the kind of friends you want him to have. You think the problem is a tough one, you know you have to do something about it. You might want to do whatever your decision is in a positive way. However, your emotions on how you feel may want to dictate to him and yell and scream to get those low life friends away from the house.

Your attitude will be the essence of how you find the solution to the problem.

A negative attitude will be one of, "Why does that kid always upset me, seems a day can't go by without problems, why did I ever have kids anyway? All I have been doing is trying to do the best I can, feeding, clothing, sheltering and working overtime so he can have his name brand shoes, and now he brings punks home that will influence him and turn him into a druggie and cigarette smoker."

With a positive attitude, your solution will come with positive emotions.

"I love my teenager and find the challenges of raising one quite stimulating.

Let's see if I can settle this problem without creating mountains out of molehills.

I have raised my teen with great values, and I know that he has a strong background of knowing the difference between right and wrong so I will trust him to make his own choices. I will sit down tonight and get his viewpoint on his new friends and go from there.

You can almost picture in the above example, which attitude is going to get the best results and come up with the better solution.

Let's Start with Conditioning.

As a child, you were raised. Whether you had good parents, horrible parents, indifferent parents, or were raised by someone that was not a relative, you survived. You learned how to eat, talk, walk and read, and all the while you were forming perceptions of what the world was all about. In essence you lived in a box. The only way outside of the box was to learn more, see more, and do more.

Each thing you saw, or did, created the "you" that you are now.

If your caregivers:

* were kind, you learned kindness

* gave into your every whim. Then you learned to get your way

* were mean, you learned to be mean, or decided not to be mean

* argued a lot. Your environment was one where arguing was normal.

* were critical, you learned to judge.

If the male figure in your life was dominating and the female caregiver in your life walked on eggshells to not upset the applecart, you learned to be careful and possibly to whisper so as to not make anyone angry.

If you were yelled at as a child, the chances are you use yelling as a tool.

This also can backfire on you. Did you know that if you grew up with lots of yelling, that if you find yourself in an environment where there is no yelling, you may very well do things in your new situation to create yelling and all subconsciously?

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