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Investing Smart [Secure eReader]
eBook by Dhun H. Sethna

eBook Category: Personal Finance
eBook Description: Using Investor's Business Daily as his major source of investment information, Dhun Sethna tripled his portfolio in five years. In Investing Smart, Sethna shares what he's learned about picking stocks with the nation's fastest growing newspaper, unlocking the powerful money-making information in every edition. You'll discover where to look for winning stocks every day ... which indicators to watch to avoid losses ... the psychology of market behavior ... and much more. The book delivers straightforward explanations of the complex and powerful forces which drive stock prices. All in all, it gives you the tools you need to invest wisely.

eBook Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, Published: 2002
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2002

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The first issue of Investor's Daily, as it was baptized, rolled off the presses in Los Angeles, Calif., and Somerset, N.J., on April 9, 1984. It was born out of a need to meet the individual "Investor's" demand for a new and different "Business Daily" that would give superior financial information and ideas to enable the modern individual investor to trade successfully in the modern financial markets.

The individual investor lives today in a world that is praised for its superabundant data explosion, making this a unique time in history. Few have dared to say that it is a world in which understanding has been enlarged or enhanced, or that wisdom has at last come into its own! The founder of Investor's Business Daily took it upon himself to run against the grain in this information age, and to distinguish all that there is to know from what an individual investor needs to know. In its creation, he used his knowledge and his intuitions, not so much to encompass the whole financial world, but to distill from that world only those particular essences that would enhance success in investment. New information and ideas that are not found in any other daily newspaper are presented here to help make sense of the markets and to determine what is really happening.

The mind thinks with ideas, not with facts. An idea alters and grows, and often takes a lifetime of experience to comprehend fully. And having a life, an idea can have a history -- a past, present, and future. It has been said that there is only one method of transmitting thought, of communicating ideas in a manner that somewhat captures the spirit of the mind, and that that medium is conversation. The implicit and explicit goal of conversation is understanding. Conversations are a forum for the exchange of ideas and have as their express goal to get one's point across, to make a connection between one's thoughts and another person. And it is this very spirit that Investor's Business Daily captures as it carries on, every business day, a great conversation with the individual investor.

There seems to be an unfounded assumption that, whereas anybody can read the news, very few can read the financial news. The universal use of information systems and machines, the mystery that modern people have made of numbers and formulas in the financial world, and the magical sense of immense wealth that awaits in the markets has filled the minds of potential investors with reflections of things that they believe cannot be grasped. Investor's Business Daily dispels the magic and mysteries of making money, and provides the individual investor with all the economic and financial information and ideas needed on which to base a judgment.

In its pages are presented the great errors and the great truths of the investment world. But the mission of Investor's Business Daily goes much further -- it is to assist the investor in grasping the history, politics, psychology, and economics of the financial markets, and to develop that intense unity of mood, and habit of mind, which is needed to form a valid judgment. The stock market has many faces. Much has been learned by observing how the economy and the markets have behaved over certain periods in the past, and it is through these remembrances of markets past that a beginning investor may gain more insight into the market of today.

All the theories in the world come to naught unless they work, and investment theory serves no purpose unless it can help investors make money, and keep what they make. Investor's Business Daily guides the investor not only how to predict in which direction the financial markets are going, but also how to acquire and retain profits. The great conversation teaches an investor to evaluate objectively the trends of what is going on in the markets, and yet remain detached from the mainstream to watch the level of expectations, the level of speculation, and the level of confidence that form the heartbeats of market dynamics. The market offers advice to whomever is willing to listen and interpret correctly, and is rewarding to those who are able to discover its perplexing ways. The great conversation also teaches that nothing succeeds worse than success in the stock market. It has been said that prosperity in the market seems to encourage optimism and impatience in about the same degree that adversity discourages enterprise and aspiration!

To the making of books on investment there is no end; a new one calls for justification. This work began as a guide and as a means of helping the fledgling investor find his or her way through some of the pages of Investor's Business Daily. It has ended as being a preliminary summation of the issues around which the great conversation has revolved. It stands in relation to Investor's Business Daily as a window to a house, tendering a first glimpse into the ideas and understanding organized by that structure.

This manual has little to offer that is not already known to the experienced investor or to the market professional. There is no new ground broken in its pages. It is directed primarily to those who have, from time to time, nurtured a desire to understand the financial markets and trade in them doing their own analyses, but have not found the best resources to instruct them. To them, Investor's Business Daily brings an easy-to-understand, reliable, comprehensive source of business, economic, and investment ideas that will begin, and deepen, their perspective of the investment process. For them, this book provides a method, an apparatus of the mind, a technique of thinking to use Investor's Business Daily to draw independent conclusions.

This book is the outcome of syntopical reading wherein many sources have been read in relation to one another and to a subject about which they all revolve, and from which a synopsis of the subject has been constructed. It is therefore a distillation of that which has already been written in different places over a vast expanse of time. In a sense, then, the references here assembled, and quoted from, are the very heart of the investment tradition, and in these pages the best minds tell their stories, often in their own words.

Throughout the history of this nation, investments have been seen as playing a vital role in its development. The investment future in the United States remains unlimited, both for the aggressive individual investor and for his conservative counterpart. The market will always make new highs because it always has! The founder of Investor's Business Daily designed and created its basic format with a goal, that the ordinary person who chooses to succeed in this free country should have the machinery and form of the American investment tradition made available to him or her. It was his intent that every potential investor have the opportunities of the markets opened and explained, in simple terms, and that everyone gain the best information needed, day after day. And this book is dedicated to his vision.

Dhun H. Sethna

Copyright © 1997 by Dhun N. Sethna

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