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Alien Deception [MultiFormat]
eBook by Tony Ruggiero

eBook Category: Science Fiction/Horror
eBook Description: Award-nominated author Tony Ruggerio joins Dragon Moon Press with Alien Deception. Classic Space Opera with a Stanley Kubrick twist... Nothing is as it appears. Nothing. Your whole life you think you understand who and what you are, and then one day you learn that it is all a lie. So what do you do? You have lunch with the leading candidate for President of the United States. You...and your alien friends. The United Council for Developing Worlds, an alien conglomeration of civilized planets, wants to help the Earth move forward into space-or at least that is what the plan appears to be. Caught in the middle of the struggle for Earth domination, two humans unknowingly hold the key which can topple the tyrannical rule of the alien race-if they can stay alive long enough to use it.

eBook Publisher: Dragon Moon Press/Dragon Moon Press, Published: Tradepaper, 2006
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2006

36 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Fans will demand more Council visits to other worlds."--Harriet Klausner, SimeGen Book Reviews

"I was captivated!"--Michael Thal, Scribes World Reviews

Chapter One


"Just have them killed and begin the indoctrination!" the voice boomed impatiently. "We will not waste any more time debating this issue!"

All heads turned toward the Honorable Copolla, leader of the United Council for Developing Worlds, as he regally strode to his seat. He took slow, calculated steps, so that each delegate could take note of his ominous appearance. His large humanoid shape commanded a height of well over seven feet. His body was a large mass of pure muscle that conveyed an immediate sensation of power and strength. His face, made of a substance that resembled quartz, glistened in the light and was as unmoving as stone. His eyes were red and glowed with an intensity that looked like fire.

He walked forward, his long robes flowing with self-importance and prestige, his position flamboyantly displayed for all to recognize. He approached his seat, the biggest in the Great Hall. From here, he would sit and listen to the discussions of the members; on many occasions, he sat without a single comment throughout entire sessions. On others, he thundered his rulings, leaving the delegates quivering in their seats. His quietness was sometimes mistaken for aloofness, but he was a being who could formulate plan upon plan while not missing a sentence of discussion.

The delegate from planet Ross 154, a child-like humanoid figure with barely enough flesh on its body to hide its skeletal frame, asked timidly, "How can you be sure they are the ones? I am very concerned that the movement to install members to this Council from this primitive planet is very premature. They are by far at the lowest end of development compared to any other planet that is a member of this Council. Furthermore, the indoctrination process is very tricky, and could compromise the initial contact agent, Leumas. I feel the Council should re-visit this issue. The charter states that--"

"The Leader of the United Council of Developing Worlds has decided!" Copolla thundered, his strident voice echoing throughout the cavernous hall. "They have been selected as the next members. It is done!" He spoke with finality. "The Sol system has been under our influence for far too long now. It needs its own species to contribute to the decisions of its destiny. There will be no further discussion on this issue!"

The delegate from Ross 154 sat quickly as Copolla addressed the delegation again, this time in a more subtle tone. "Members of the UCDW, my distinguished colleague from Ross 154 has brought up an important issue regarding the planet Earth." Copolla looked around the room, staring with a piercing gaze that no member would meet. "I have personally looked into this matter and carefully reviewed the Council's recommendations."

He lifted his hands to emphasize his point. "The opportunity to make history is before us. This planet, Earth, even though we all agree it is very primitive, has great potential to provide valuable insight into its own development and serve as an example to other planets that we are currently assisting. I feel very strongly that we are doing the right thing." He continued with what he hoped was a sincere smile on his hard, carved face. "I have carefully looked at this from all angles, and that is why I have assigned our very best to handle this case. You all know that Leumas is one of our best initial contact agents. I have the utmost faith in his ability to successfully indoctrinate the two new subjects, who I have assisted the Council in selecting."

The delegate from Ross 154 looked imploringly at the other members, hoping that someone would join him in questioning the validity of the order. No one stood. He was on his own. He prepared to speak; he took one more look at Copolla's piercing red eyes burning through him, and decided to remain silent.

Copolla smiled. "If there is no further business then, this meeting of the United Council of Developing Worlds is concluded."

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