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Bedded by Blackmail Bundle [Secure eReader]
eBook by Melanie Milburne & Lucy Monroe & Jacqueline Baird

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: Get 3 books for one low price! Included are Back in Her Husband's Bed by Melanie Milburne, Wedding Vow of Revenge by Lucy Monroe and The Italian's Blackmailed Mistress by Jacqueline Baird. Back in Her Husband's Bed by Melanie Milburne: By agreeing to a meeting with Xavier Knightly, her handsome ex-husband, Carli realizes that the passion is still there. Three months later, she has some shocking news for him! But Xavier isn't considered one of the best lawyers in Sydney for nothing: here's a golden opportunity to blackmail his wife back into his bed. However, he also wants her to love him again like she used to, and that's where he'll face the biggest trial of his life?. Wedding Vow of Revenge by Lucy Monroe: The instant Angelo Gordon sees model Tara Peters he's certain she will share his bed. But her beauty isn't the only attraction--he wants vengeance! Tara is not an easy conquest. When she pushes Angelo away he realizes he can only win her over by playing a different game. Angelo will raise the stakes and take the ultimate revenge: marriage! The Italian's Blackmailed Mistress by Jacqueline Baird: "You really expect me to sleep with you to pay my father's debt?" Italian magnate Max Quintano knew exactly how to get his way...by blackmailing Sophie into becoming his mistress. "Sleep is not what I have in mind." Sophie will do anything to prevent her family's ruin--even if it means living in Max's luxurious Venetian palazzo--and being beholden to him...and will be until she discovers exactly *why* he hates her so much....

eBook Publisher: Harlequin/Bundles
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2006

55 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


Three months later…

CARLI stared at the thin blue line in horror. 'Oh, my God!'

She clutched at the bathroom basin in much the same way she'd been doing on and off for weeks as she came to grips with the final devastating confirmation of her pregnancy.

The walls of the small room began to close in on her and she held on to consciousness with as much tenacity as she could.


With Xavier's child!

She opened her eyes to inspect the testing kit once more but it was still the same colour.

She stumbled through to the bedroom, her body shivering in reaction rather than to cold.

It must be a mistake!

It had to be a mistake.

They'd only been together that one time and she had been sure she was in a safe period in her cycle, not that she'd really thought about it at the time.

She slammed her fist into her pillow and bit down on her bottom lip until she tasted blood.

She'd stormed from his hotel room vowing to never set eyes on him again, never imagining such a subsequent scenario as this! That one momentary lapse into passionate madness had set her world upside down.

She wouldn't tell him.

Oh, really, her conscience pricked her. What if he somehow found out? He's Sydney's best legal eagle. Don't forget: get him and get even. That was his credo and she knew he would just as easily apply it against her if pressed to do so.

OK, so she would tell him.

Yeah, right, as if he's going to accept the news with any sort of gladness.

'Oh, God!' She shut her eyes against the vision of his disdain. 'I can't do it! I just can't do it!'

Nausea rolled in her stomach and she made a desperate lunge for the bathroom, only just making it in time.

She lifted her pale face to meet her reflection in the mirror above the basin, shocked at her pallor and even more alarmed by the haunted, hollow look in her caramel-brown gaze.

* * *

It took Carli a further twenty-seven days before she garnered enough courage to do what had to be done. She gave her slightly protruding abdomen a nervous stroke as she approached the office tower where Xavier had his suite of offices. She hadn't phoned to announce her intention of seeing him. She hadn't trusted herself not to blurt her news over the line instead of face to face. Not that either way was going to make things any easier. He was going to be shocked and quite possibly furious as well. His shock she could deal with, but his anger?

She took the stairs and lost count after floor number ten. She traipsed on doggedly, step by agonising step, feeling like someone on their way up to the gallows.

'Mr Knightly is in court and won't be back until four this afternoon,' his middle-aged secretary announced in somewhat prim tones.

Carli's heart sank along with her courage. Could she wait three hours? And more to the point, could she go through the ordeal of the fire escape one more time?

'Who will I say wants to see him?' the secretary asked, picking up a pen and a message pad.

'I…Car…Carli Gresham,' she said, knowing she wouldn't get an appointment without revealing her name.

'Carli as in Carla?' The secretary arched one pencilled brow at her.

'No,' she said. 'Carli as in Carli—trust me, he'll know exactly who it is.'

Xavier was the only person in the legal profession to call her Carli instead of Carla, and by the simple exchange of that one letter managed to strip away the thin veneer of sophistication she had fought so hard to keep in place.

The secretary took in her slightly flushed appearance and her austere manner visibly softened. 'Would you like a drink? Mr Knightly is often early from court when things go his way. You mightn't have such a long wait after all.'

Carli felt like asking: when did things ever not go Xavier Knightly's way? However, she refrained from doing so when she caught sight of a water-cooler machine in the waiting area.

The secretary noticed the line of her gaze and ushered her towards it with all the efficiency of a mother hen. 'Sit yourself down, Miss Gresham, and help yourself to a drink, or I could make you a coffee or tea instead?'

'No, thank you, water's fine, and it's Ms not Miss.'

'Yes, of course it is, how silly of me.'

Before Carli could ask her what she meant she'd bustled back to her credenza, bent her head to her computer and begun tapping away like a barnyard hen did at spilled wheat.

Carli couldn't help wondering how many secretaries Xavier had worked his way through over the last five years. This one seemed a little more sensible than his usual type and she couldn't help wondering what had brought about the change.

She sighed and picked up a magazine, flicking through it without interest. From time to time she glanced at the clock on the wall but the minutes appeared to be crawling by at an evolving invertebrate's pace.

She felt her usual afternoon lethargy hit like a sledgehammer and tried to keep her eyelids open but they felt weighted by anvils and she finally had to give in to the urge to close them.

The sofa she was sitting on was soft and comfortable and she settled into its leather cushions, promising herself she would shut her eyes for five minutes and five minutes only…

Copyright © 2006 by Melanie Milburne, Lucy Monroe and Jacqueline Baird.

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