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GianMarco's Muse [Blood Brothers 1] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Eve Vaughn

eBook Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica
eBook Description: Once bitten, twice shy... Private detective GianMarco Grimaldi takes his pleasure wherever he pleases. A six-hundred-year-old vampire, he's tortured by his past and jaded by immortality. Once a promising artist, a personal tragedy has turned him to a life of bitter solitude, avoiding anything and anyone who reminds him of the life he used to live. Fed up with GianMarco's habit of sleeping with the secretaries in their detective agency, GianMarco's business partner hires someone he thinks GianMarco will have no interest in: Maggie Williams. Maggie's trying to put the pieces of her life back together after her husband of twenty-three years left her for another woman. Determined to start her new job with pride, she's dismayed to meet her arrogant, super-sexy boss. As passion threatens their hearts, a powerful enemy from GianMarco's past threatens their very lives.

eBook Publisher: Loose Id, LLC, Published: 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2006

120 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"I went into reading this story with an open mind, but upon finishing it, my mind was totally blown away? I intend on recommending this to family and friends because it was a great book to read full of danger, temptation and intense sexual needs."--Sheryl, Coffee Time Romance

"Without a doubt, Blood Brothers: GianMarco's Muse is a passionate novel with a great deal of deeply involved characters, undeniably arousing sex scenes, and profoundly impassioned romance."--Francesca Hayne, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"A Recommended Read! Sweet, erotic, and suspenseful GianMarco's Muse is a great love story and a definite must read. I can't wait till Eve writes the next story about another Grimaldi brother."--Lisa, Romance Review Spot

"Eve Vaughn has done a wonderful job at creating a story that will keep you hooked from beginning to end and leave you panting for more."--Angel Brewer, The Romance Studio

She gave him a shy smile, revealing even, white teeth. She had the deepest dimples he had ever seen and he felt his heart skip a beat. If he didn't get out of there now, there would be no turning back.

"I ... I've got to go."

"Okay. Thanks for coming by. I was wondering though..."


"I was wondering if I could ... never mind. Thanks for coming over. Your apology really meant a lot to me." She smiled, moving past him to open the door. He placed his hand over hers.

"No. Please tell me." His golden eyes stared into hers.

"About my job ... Maybe I could help you and Oliver out until you find another secretary at least. I know I'm not that experienced, but I am willing to give my one hundred percent."

Oh, hell, GianMarco thought. How could he say no to her when she looked at him with those big brown eyes of hers? "Maggie, if you want it, you can have your job back on a permanent basis.

A big grin spread across her face. "Really? That's wonderful, Mr. Grimaldi!"

"Yes, really. You can come in at 8:30, but on one condition."


"You really have to stop calling me Mr. Grimaldi. I noticed you and Oliver are on a first-name basis, and it would be silly if we called each other by our last names. My name is GianMarco."

"Ah, so you're Italian. I thought I detected a very faint accent. You don't look Italian."

"Why is that?"

"I don't know. Most Italians I know have an olive complexion and dark hair."

"I see. That's more of a southern Italy trait. My family is originally from Rome, but there is some English in our blood. I haven't lived there for a very long time. Perhaps one day you will get to see a little of it. It's a beautiful country."

She smiled up at him. "I think that sounds lovely."

You're lovely, he wanted to say. Get out of here now, GianMarco.

"Well, I guess I will see you tomorrow."

As if on impulse, she wrapped her arms around his waist. "Thank you so much, GianMarco." She stood on the tip of her toes to give him a kiss on the cheek to show her gratitude.

At the exact moment when her lips grazed his cheek, he turned his head so that their lips met. His arms snaked around her, lifting her up against the length of his body. When Maggie gasped in surprise, his tongue stabbed into the warm, sweet cavern of her mouth to taste her more thoroughly.

GianMarco was caught up in a whirlwind of ecstasy so strong there was no escape. Maggie wrapped her arms around his neck as she returned his kiss with an unabashed passion of her own. He had never been so caught up in desire like he was experiencing now, despite the fact that he had been married before. With one arm still holding her tightly, GianMarco slid the other hand down her back to cup her shapely bottom, squeezing it roughly in his palm. Maggie had ignited a fire within him that threatened to consume them both.

"It's been so long since I've been touched and kissed like this," Maggie said in awe.

GianMarco strode over to the couch with her in his arms, his mouth devouring hers again, as if he could not get enough of the taste of her. His skillful hands began to unbutton her blouse. She was so beautiful. He was on fire for her. His cock was so hard, he felt as if it would explode if he couldn't get inside of her. At this moment, he could think of nothing more than fucking Maggie Williams silly.

She kissed like a virgin but with such fierce enthusiasm he knew that after proper tutoring she would be very dangerous in the art of love. Damn, how was it possible that she had been married for twenty-three years and could respond to him as if it were her first time? Her husband should have been ashamed of himself.

Reluctantly, he pulled his mouth away from hers. Maggie reached out to pull him back to her, and he was pleased that she seemed as eager for him as he was for her. "No. I want to see you." He finished unbuttoning her blouse and pulled it from her body, then he began to work on her bra. She stiffened, and he sensed her withdrawal. "What's wrong, bellisima?"

"I'm fat. Someone like you is probably used to model types." She looked self-conscious as she stared down at her rounded belly.

"I don't like that word. You have nothing to be ashamed of, ciccina mia. I don't know how it is that stick women have become the ideal of what is beautiful, but let me tell you, those half-starved bitches don't hold a candle to you." He grazed her neck with his lips. GianMarco was going to have fun with her. He could already smell the tangy aroma of her pussy and he wanted it very badly.

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