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Becoming a Successful Manager [Secure eReader]
eBook by Jack H. Grossman, Ph.D. & J. Robert Parkinson, Ph.D.

eBook Category: Business/Self Improvement
eBook Description: Congratulations! You were promoted to manager. But after the celebration and the accolades, do you find yourself asking, "What do I do next? How can I be most effective? What is my central role?" Authors Jack H. Grossman and J. Robert Parkinson have the answers in this comprehensive learning tool, Becoming a Successful Manager. The authors offer solid advice and skill-building exercises to help you evolve successfully into your new role as manager. Each chapter provides essential advice and specific steps for a new manager to cultivate employees' diverse skills and create a productive work environment. Topics include: Creating a healthy culture Conducting meaningful performance reviews Delegating responsibilities Handling harassment and resolving conflicts Hiring effective people And more

eBook Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, Published: 2002
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2002


How You Can Benefit from This Book

Congratulations on being promoted to manager! By accepting this promotion, you assumed three essential and overlapping responsibilities: to become a professional manager, to get people of diverse backgrounds and skills to fulfill their individual and departmental objectives, and to create a spirit of professionalism and teamwork within your department.

As you probably realize, achieving these objectives is an arduous job. Managing a department effectively is an ongoing process that consists of developing mutually rewarding relationships with your employees. You will be required to create healthy partnerships with each of the people under your influence. The basic ingredients of all such committed relationships are the same: mutual respect and trust spiced with genuine caring attitudes and feelings.

You know you've successfully created healthy manager-employee relationships when your employees feel that the department belongs to them as well as to you. That feeling, in all likelihood, will motivate them to be vital contributors to the department and will discourage them from the subtle ways in which disgruntled or dissatisfied employees can hinder departmental development. Once a genuine team spirit evolves and bonding occurs, you, your employees, and the organization for which you work will profit in every way -- emotionally, intellectually, and ultimately financially.

Since you are your department's manager, you must spearhead the formation of such partnerships. You must also do everything in your power to preserve the integrity of each of your manager-employee relationships, and protect that integrity from being threatened or invaded by negative staff members or negative workplace situations. Difficult as it may be to create and uphold the partnerships between you and your employees, that's what you must do to succeed as a professional manager.

In order to achieve the status of professional manager, you must take the following actions: You must assume responsibility for creating a fertile workplace culture -- an atmosphere that stimulates people of diverse abilities, personalities, and backgrounds to be productive and to work harmoniously with one another. (You know your departmental culture is fertile when its members contribute willingly, enthusiastically, and fully toward your -- and their -- department's common causes.) You must make it safe for people in your department to communicate openly and nondefensively with you and each other, and to take intellectual risks without fear of repercussions. You must create a structure that allows people to develop and grow into their fullest potential. Finally, you must be the inspiration and guiding force that leads your department forward.

These are tall orders, but they are, in part, the responsibilities you assumed when you donned the mantle of manager. When you accepted this position, your implied promise, assuming you want to be the best leader you can be, was to be an effective teacher, a sensitive counselor, and a master gardener. A professional and successful manager assumes all three roles.

Before we examine the nature of these roles, we will discuss what it means to be a professional manager -- or, for that matter, a professional in any occupation -- and what distinguishes professionals from nonprofessionals. The distinction between professionals and nonprofessionals is based on more than results achieved or whether or not they get paid for their work. Rather, the basic differences between the two concern how they approach their work, how they interact with their clients or customers, and how they present themselves to the world.

Copyright © 2002 by Jack H. Grossman, Ph.D., and J. Robert Parkinson, Ph.D.

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