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Three Second Fighter: The Sniper Option [Secure eReader]
eBook by Geoff Thompson

eBook Category: Self Improvement/Sports/Entertainment
eBook Description: The majority of attacks/fights last less than three seconds and are preceded by aggressive or disarming behaviour. This book trains you to read the body language and ritual of attack and 'stop' your attacker in his tracks by using a physical and psychological 'fence' or a cripple-shooting attack. The book also covers 'ambush attacks' and 'match fighting'.

eBook Publisher: Geoff Thompson/Geoff Thompson
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2007

1 Reader Ratings:
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Before you start reading this piece (thank you for taking the time) I?d like to make it clear that the following views are my opinion, born from experience in the world of reality, and not intended to insult or debase other martial arts or artists. I have a great love and deep respect for all the arts, so if somewhere within the next 24,000 words I do offend then you have my unreserved apology right now. I am not a politician, neither do I use my writing as a podium for biased opinion; what I am, however, is a realist. I?m honest and emphatic. Honesty often has an inadvertent habit of offending. So please read with an open and honest mind and if what I have to say helps then great, if not then you?ve lost nothing but the short time it takes to read. We all have something to teach and we all have something to learn. It takes a very enlightened person to realise and accept what he lacks, but it takes a very brave person to do something about it. Much has been said of late, in conversation and in print, about ultimate fighting arts, ultimate being the operative word used mainly to sell copy as opposed to art. The Collins GEM English Dictionary informs us that Ultimate is ?the final in a series or process; highest or most significant?. I have even been guilty of using the word myself in a bid to better peddle my wares. What most fail to realise is that all arts are ultimate in their own arena. In the western boxing ring, with boxing rules, the pugilist is, no doubt, the ultimate combatant; in the arena of Olympic Wrestling with wrestling rules - the grappler is potentate and in the Thai boxing ring - with Thai rules of course - the Thai fighter comes away with the accolade. If, however, you put a wrestler in the boxing ring with boxing rules, the wrestler will come a very sorry second place, and vice versa, but that doesn?t make the boxer any better than the wrestler or the wrestler any better than the boxer, not at all. What it does make them is the best in their own field and to their own rules. I do not look for, neither am I interested in, who is the best fighter. What I do look for and I definitely am interested in is what can I learn from the boxer/wrestler/Thai boxer/Wing Chun man etc. I had a friend, a very capable boxer of professional standard, who fought in the ring, at his insistence, to boxing rules with a brilliant international Karataka, a phenomenal kicker who should remain nameless. Not surprisingly, the boxer tore the kicker a new arse. Afterwards he couldn?t wait to tell me what an easy fight he?d had and what a poor fighter the karataka had been, as though fighting a man entwined in rules meant anything at all. I have absolutely no doubt at all that had this particular boxer fought the same karataka in the dojo - to karate rules - the boxer would have been taken completely off the planet in seconds and would probably have needed an operation to remove the kicker?s foot from his stomach. Although the Karate man lost the fight in the boxing ring I had more respect for him than the boxer, he?d gone in to a foreign arena severely impeded by rules and regulations and ?had a go? in a search for the grail of improvement. I told the boxer this and said that I?d have a lot more respect for him if he?d displayed the same courage as the karataka and fought him at a dojo and not in a ring. Sadly my friend missed the point; all his ego would allow him to see was his embryonic victory. With this conquest (I use the word reluctantly) he lost all respect for Karate as a fighting art. After all, he surmised, if he had beaten this international player with such ease, how much simpler would an...

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