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Gabriel's Quest for Love [MultiFormat]
eBook by Kate Hofman

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: Gabriel, an artist, has just returned from a long painting trip in the company of Jade, a charming, sexy young woman. When she phones him to say she is pregnant, Gabriel offers to marry her, legitimize his child. She refuses, saying she'll go live with her sister, a born do-gooder, as she puts it. Depressed, Gabriel returns to Ocean Breeze, FL, where he lives and paints. Tasha returns to the law office where she works, after dealing with the aftermath of her sister's sudden death. She realizes she will have to give up her work and accept cleaning jobs with Manuel's Maidens, in order to be able to keep her dead sister's baby with her. In due course, she is sent to clean for Gabriel, and he is enchanted with the baby. When he asks her, hesitantly, whether the father of the baby couldn't help her out a little, Tasha says that her sister Jade never told her who the father of her baby was. And Gabriel realizes he has found his child. Their path to love is not without complications, notably Gabriel's mother is viciously unkind to Tasha. And there is Gabriel's spectacular temper...

eBook Publisher: DCL Publications LLC, Published: Australia, 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2007

8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Gabriel's Quest for Love is a delightful love story that at times will have the reader wishing to knock the hero and heroine's heads together to make them see sense. Gabriel and Tasha are both wonderful individuals with depths of character, but each is too strong-willed for their own good or for each other's taste. By the end of the book, they've tumbled in and out of romance in a comedy of errors that makes the reader simultaneously laugh, cry, and rail at them. Tasha is a self-effacing beauty who defers in all things to her fun-loving, shallow sister Jade. When Jade returns from a three-month trip pregnant, claiming she's had a quarter of endless sexual fun, Tasha has no choice but to take Jade in so that Jade will have prenatal care and a safe environment for her unborn baby. As always Jade takes supreme advantage and immediately the baby is born Tasha becomes caregiver in addition to her full-time job. When Jade dies of a sudden aneurysm, Tasha is now mother in name as well as fact. Painter Gabriel Duarte is Old World old-fashioned, a man of Spanish heritage and wonderful artistic talent. More often celibate than most modern males, his intermittent activity with Jade nevertheless resulted in conception, but his offer to marry her for the child's sake was refused. When he discovers his daughter, at the same time he realizes he's falling in love with the woman he thinks is the baby's mother, both he and Tasha set off on an emotional roller-coaster rocketing through adversity toward happiness. Kate Hofman's stories always make me want to curl up in a comfortable armchair and just relax into the read. That's the kind of books Kate is noted for, and this reviewer is very thankful to note that she is a prolific author with several novels available and more to come. Rating: 4 Swords"--Frost, JLFoster.biz

"Jade Hovington is a party girl who meets painter Gabriel Duarte at a painting trip. She wants to be friends with benefits and so Gabriel obliges her. When Jade finds herself pregnant with Gabriel's child, she refuses his marriage proposal and runs to her sister Tasha. Tasha Hovington is a legal secretary and is exactly opposite of her sister. When Jade suddenly dies, it falls to Tasha to take care of her niece. She needs a job that will allow her to bring the baby with her to work and so becomes a cleaning lady. Tasha cleans the local art gallery in the mornings before it opens and the owners have become a surrogate family. When Gabriel drops off some paintings at the gallery, he spots Tasha and is instantly attracted to her. Neither knows the connection between them. Gabriel has been in mourning for the child he never got to see as he cannot find Jade. Will fate have a happy ending for these two? What a fantastic story with strong emotions of love and trust! Gabriel's Quest for Love had me so enchanted that I couldn't stop until I finished it. There were times I just wanted to smack Gabriel for his stubbornness. Tasha is always defending her sister's actions and sometime I just wanted to shout at her to stop it. Both characters do a lot of growing and find that they love each other deeply. The secondary characters of Tom and Marcella and Gabriel's family complement the protagonists very well. Kate Hofman does an extraordinary job of taking the characters through an array of situations and emotions that had me crying, laughing and cheering all through the book. Don't miss this wonderful story. I highly recommend it."--Julianne, TwoLips Reviews

Castillo Duarte, Long Island, N.Y.--early October

Gabriel Duarte was reading, sprawled comfortably on the sofa of his private sitting room in his parents' castillo, when his cell phone played its little tune.


"Gabriel, it's Jade." Jade. My playmate on the painting trip. What can she want? She knew it was over when we got back.

"What do you want, Jade?"

"Dammit, Gabriel, you could've been more careful. I'm pregnant!"

Madre de Dios--pregnant. "Jade, you know I always used..."

Jade interrupted angrily. "Yeah, yeah. Well there must've been an accident with one. But don't worry, I'll deal with it."

Suddenly afraid of what Jade might do, Gabriel said quickly, "Jade, there's no need for you to 'deal with this'. We'll get married..."

"Are you out of your mind, Gabriel? Married? Playmates don't get married. No way."

Patiently, Gabriel tried reasoning with Jade. "I don't mean a wedding in church with a zillion guests and all that, Jade. Of course not. I thought a quick wedding in a Judge's chambers--so our child can be born in wedlock."

"Gabriel, this is the twenty-first century, no one gives a damn any more."

"Well, I do. Our Spanish relatives would use the word 'bastard' freely if my child were...."

"It's your child now, is it? Well, don't get all excited, Gabriel. I only told you because I thought you ought to know. But that's all. I'll deal with it."

"That's not good enough, Jade. You'll need financial help, not only while your pregnancy keeps you from working, but later, for the child's..."

Jade interrupted again. "If you think I'm going to be lumbered with a baybee, you can think again. No way would I..."

"Jade, if we get married, I can look after you. Once it's born, we can divorce, and I'll take my child. You needn't be 'lumbered with it'."

For a moment, there was silence. Gabriel hoped Jade was considering his suggestion. His hope was soon dashed. "Nah," said Jade carelessly. "I'll cope in my own way."

"Jade, this isn't something we should be discussing on the telephone.

Are you at your place? I'll come right over and...."

"No, I'm not at the loft. And there's nothing to talk about, Gabriel.

I'm going to my sister's. She's a born helper of the needy. And right now I need a place to stay, all that boring stuff."

"Jade, there's no need to go to your sister--I'm more than willing..."

But Jade had hung up.

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