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Inside Scoop: Articles about Acting and Writing by Hollywood Insiders and Published Authors [MultiFormat]
eBook by Marilyn Peake

eBook Category: Sports/Entertainment
eBook Description: Articles about writing and acting from Hollywood insiders and published authors, many originally published in "The Golden Goblet" Newsletter, voted TOP TEN Finisher in the 2007 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll. First chapter is a lesson on patience that John Klawitter learned while working at Hanna-Barbera Productions. Following are chapters about writing, book promotion, and breaking into the acting profession, as well as a humor column by J. Richard Jacobs. There are also several interviews: 1.) Sue Thurman interviewing Allison Dubois, the real-life medium behind the hit TV show, "Medium" starring Patricia Arquette, 2.) Sue Thurman interviewing ghost hunter Debe Branning, and 3.) Marilyn Peake interviewing Carole Whang Schutter who wrote a screenplay in collaboration with Director/Producer Christopher Cain for the movie "September Dawn" starring actors Jon Voight, Trent Ford, and Tamara Hope.

eBook Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks, Published: Double Dragon Publishing, 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2008

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


I'm absolutely delighted to present this second book of articles from The Golden Goblet Newsletter, plus extra articles written expressly for this book by some of the same authors. You'll find a treasure trove of information, about the fields of writing and acting, within the pages that follow.

Since all writers and actors need inspiration to continue along the path they've chosen, this book begins with a wonderfully inspiring article, Arthur Pierson and the Lesson of the Chinese Grandmothers, by John Klawitter. This is a beautiful story about the value of patience, shared by Arthur Pierson when he and John Klawitter worked together at Hanna-Barbera Productions.

Next, I thought a big dose of humor might be needed for those difficult days, plugging away at one's career. Where the Spanish are German, the English are Scottish and the Sheep Wear Cowbells should do the trick. In this hilarious article, Geoff Nelder demonstrates quite clearly what a writer can learn by visiting the places he or she hopes to describe in their novels. Many things are not as expected!

This book then moves on to New Year's Resolutions for Writers by Sara Reinke. It's never too late to make those resolutions, and hopefully this book and Sara's article will encourage aspiring writers to take the plunge.

Finding the Moment by Rachel DeFriez is an extra pep talk about following through on resolutions, no matter how busy you are. Describing in very funny terms how she's managed to write while juggling family time with her children, Rachel offers an article well worth reading.

In You Have Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself, author Larriane Wills offers extra motivation for pursuing your dreams.

A pep talk for aspiring actors comes next in the motivating article, Planning Your Attack To Break Out Of The Pack: Promises To Yourself and Bargains With Your Reps. With great clarity, Michael J. Wallach, personal manager for actors, explains important steps to take in pursuing the dream of becoming an actor.

Basing Your Novel on a Game: What, are you stupid? by Michael A. Ventrella provides generous amounts of both humor and information. In this article, Michael discusses the difficulties and rewards he experienced in writing a novel based on a roleplaying game he had created and published earlier.

In the next article, To Get Great Headshots, Just Use Your Head., Kenneth Dolin explains how actors should choose a photographer capable of capturing their most marketable headshot. I'm delighted that he agreed to provide an article for The Golden Goblet Newsletter this past year. A Los Angeles based photographer shooting on referral for the better talent agencies, Entertainment Tonight has called Kenneth Dolin "The go-to-guy for great headshots", and Backstage magazine featured him as one of the top headshot photographers.

For those wishing to be extras or background actors, Jo Kelly provides an informative article, Just Once ... I'd Like to Be in a Movie or on TV: How to Be an Actor Who Memorizes No Lines and Needs No Acting Skills. This article is filled with wonderful possibilities!

In the next article, I Spy ... a Fun Part-time Job for Seniors and Retirees--10 Tips for Becoming an In-Demand Background Actor, Jo Kelly explains how senior citizens and retirees in particular are in a great position to seek work as background actors.

The Allison Dubois Interview conducted by Sue Thurman is fascinating! Allison Dubois is the real-life medium and inspiration behind the hit television show, Medium, starring Patricia Arquette.

Immediately following that interview is the article, Ghost Busters, also by Sue Thurman, about her interview with ghost hunter, Debe Branning, Director of MVD Ghostchasers of Mesa/Bisbee Arizona. This is definitely a fascinating read!

Next is my own Interview with Carole Whang Schutter. I was deeply honored when publicist Cheryl Malandrinos approached me about the possibility of interviewing Carole for The Golden Goblet Newsletter. I jumped at the opportunity! Carole wrote a screenplay in collaboration with Director/Producer Christopher Cain for the movie September Dawn starring actors Jon Voight, Trent Ford, and Tamara Hope.

In his article with the funny title, Foraging the Forumiferii (or using Internet forums for writing research), Geoff Nelder explains how he went about conducting scientific research by first approaching Internet forums. Despite the humorous title and Geoff's ability to be quite humorous, the article delves into the complicated methods of scientific research.

With his unique ability to combine humor and tremendous amounts of valuable information, Geoff Nelder once again shows us how he conducted real-life background research for writing a novel in his article, The Mob and Hotels: Elements of Research in the Writing of Escaping Reality.

In The Meaningful Mundane, Rachel DeFriez illustrates how literature becomes meaningful when everyday life is captured in special ways, and how much of this reaches into the realm of human archetypes.

Lincoln D. Bandlow's article, Writing Wrongs Lesson One: Defamation Law, contains extremely valuable information for writers. Lincoln's background in the legal profession is impressive. In addition to practicing law, he has been a Visiting Professor at the Annenberg School of Journalism at the University of Southern California since the Spring of 1995, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in Media and Entertainment Law; and he was the President of the Los Angeles Copyright Society during its 2005-2006 term.

The next two articles, Putting on Your Editor's Cap by Sara Reinke and Editing Is Not a Dirty Word by Larriane Wills--contain important information for writers. In order to impress publishers, manuscripts need to be well edited. These two articles provide tips for accomplishing that daunting task.

K.L. Nappier provides an intriguing discussion of the modern and future world of publishing in her article, Barbarians at the Gate: The Future of Literature, Rumor versus Reality. This is great information for all writers!

With a continued look toward the future, and embracing modern technology, K.L. Nappier provides information about how to promote books through video trailers in her article, Promo Ammo: What Is Video Book Trailer & What Can It Do For You?

The next article, The Beat of Gaia's Heart by Lee Barwood, is a beautifully written, informative essay about "ecofiction", or fiction that shows the beauty and value of the natural environment. The descriptive passages in Lee Barwood's writing are breathtaking. This article explains how different genres of fiction can also be written and classified as "ecofiction".

Immediately following The Beat of Gaia's Heart is a fascinating press release about one of Lee Barwood's books, Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings. All of Lee's royalties from Ancient Aboriginal Tales are donated to the Australian Wildlife Hospital of Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, to help save the koala and other Australian species under threat from global warming, habitat depredation, and other hazards.

In Failed Assassination, J. Richard Jacobs presents a unique look at what might happen if all sex-related terminology--e.g. "him" and "her"--were eradicated from language.

Tenacity in Art by John Klawitter is a tremendously inspiring story about how an artist can succeed if they never give up. This story is worth reading several times!

The final part of this book is a series of short humor pieces that J. Richard Jacobs contributed to The Golden Goblet Newsletter for his own column, Cracked Universe. Enjoy!

The Golden Goblet Newsletter can be found on the Internet at: groups.yahoo.com/group/marilynpeake . This newsletter was voted a TOP TEN Finisher in the "Non-fiction Publication" category of the 2007 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll.

Happy Reading,

Marilyn Peake www.marilynpeake.com

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