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All About Stocks: The Easy Way to Get Started [Secure eReader]
eBook by Esme E. Faerber

eBook Category: Personal Finance
eBook Description: Everything the individual investor needs to know about stocks. All About Stocks, Second Edition, covers stock market basics for newcomers and provides concise and understandable answers to today's most-asked stock market questions. Entirely rewritten from the first edition­­with diagrams,charts,and tables added to increase its usefulness­­this second edition now includes information on: Using the Internet for both information and trading; How mutual funds can ease stock market anxieties; How to buy a stock­­and how to know when it's time to sell; Everything you need to know about today's stock market­­How to buy,what to hold,when to sell.
All About Stocks, Second Edition, will make you a smarter,more accomplished investor. This bottom-line guideBook is now updated to explain every essential aspect of today's stock market--in which the rewards as well as the risks have increased dramatically over the past five years­­and is arranged to provide quick,clear answers to any questions you might have. All About Stocks is written to be understood by an investor--yet packed with information that will be valuable to everyone! Practical,hands-on guidance on how you can use the Internet to find and buy undervalued stocks ... strategies on selecting a mutual fund for both above-average returns and below-average risk... types of trades that can significantly increase your safety during turbulent markets ... it's all here. Before you invest, read All About Stocks and discover: What stocks are,and why you should own them; Explanations of the different types of orders; How fundamental and technical analysis can help you find undervalued stocks; Aspects of growth stocks and value stocks; What mutual funds are,how they work,and which are right for you; Easy-to-follow strategies to assemble a high-growth,low-risk,versified portfolio; Strategies for buying indexed mutual funds and index-tracking stocks

eBook Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies/McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, Published: 2002
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2002

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This new edition of All About Stocks is updated and introduces many changes and improvements over the first edition. The Internet and the growth of index mutual funds have had significant ramifications for the stock market, and they have changed the way individual investors invest in stocks. Not only do investors have more information, but through the Internet, they are able to buy and sell stocks without talking to anyone. Among the many changes to this book is the information necessary to use the Internet, for investors who are willing to take charge of their own portfolios. Stock prices and stock markets are constantly changing. There are stocks that have increased in value by several hundred percent in very short periods of time, and at the other extreme, stocks that have faded into oblivion. Moreover, the stock market has achieved new highs over the past four years (1995 to 1999) with annual returns of over 30 percent for many of the blue-chip stocks. This is an aberration, and in future years it will not be so easy for investors to earn these abnormally large returns. When the market becomes more broad-based to include small and mid-cap stocks, returns will revert to their normal average range of 7 to 10 percent, and investors will have to be more discriminating in their choices of investments, in order to earn positive returns.

Investing in the stock market can have a substantial effect on your financial well-being. This book is written to provide a practical guide for existing and potential stock investors. By understanding the basics of investing, the economic and financial conditions of companies, and the nature of stock markets, investors will be better able to assess investment opportunities. Investing your own money in stocks is difficult for most investors, particularly beginning investors, but by knowing what to expect, investors will be able to use strategies to manage their portfolios more effectively.

There are many myths concerning investing in the stock market, and this book does not fall into the category of offering methods to get rich quickly. In fact, many sophisticated investors in the stock market know just how difficult it is to outperform market averages consistently over long periods of time. Investors should also be aware that suggested methods or techniques of beating the stock market may not live up to their expectations.

The first chapter begins with a discussion of the fundamentals of investing, what stocks are, the different types of stocks, and the advantages of investing in them.

The second chapter compares the risks and returns of stocks with other financial investments. Within the context of the risk-return tradeoff, the selection of investments is introduced.

The third chapter includes an overview of the economic influences that have a bearing on the valuation of stocks. Understanding the relationships between the economy and the stock and bond markets is of great significance for stock investors. The latter part of the chapter includes tables on how to read the stock quotations listed in financial newspapers and the electronic media.

The fourth chapter discusses how and where securities are traded, including the Internet. The first part of the chapter has an overview of the types of brokerage firms and what to look for in the selection of a broker. This is followed by a discussion of both the costs and mechanics of trading stocks. An understanding of the types of orders and how the stock markets work can only benefit stock investors, and lead to reductions in the costs of trading.

Chapter 5 examines the use of fundamental analysis as a means of identifying stocks that are undervalued or that present buying opportunities. The next chapter provides an overview of technical analysis, as a method for selecting stocks.

Chapter 7 evaluates an array of different investment theories and introduces the efficient market hypothesis, the capital asset pricing theory, and later theories. An understanding of these theories will assist individual investors in the choice of their investment strategies and equity style preferences, and whether to be active or passive (buy-and-hold) investors. The chapter concludes with a discussion of formula buying plans, which can assist investors in their timing decisions of the market.

Chapter 8 is an all-new chapter which discusses the styles of equity investing, namely value and growth. Value and growth stocks differ in their financial characteristics and performance. An awareness and understanding of these styles can assist investors in the choice of the individual stocks that they are most comfortable holding.

Chapters 9 and 10 include information on mutual funds and closed-end funds. Investments in these funds are analyzed as to how they work, their risks, how to buy and sell them, their disadvantages, caveats, and whether these investments are suitable for you. These chapters include index mutual funds, and the new unit investment trust tracking stocks of the different stock market indexes, namely DIAMONDS, Spiders, and the Nasdaq 100 tracking stock.

Chapter 11 discusses portfolio management.

Investing money in the stock market is not easy, and the aim of this book is to make the task a little less difficult. The rapid dissemination of financial information through the Internet will have the effect of increasing the risk-return tradeoff. Understanding this tradeoff and how stock markets work should make investors more comfortable with their stock selections.

Esmé Faerber

Copyright © 2000 by Esmé Faerber

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