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Opportunities in Government Careers [Secure eReader]
eBook by Neale Baxter & Neale Baxter

eBook Category: Politics/Government
eBook Description: Opportunities in Government Careers offers job seekers essential information about a variety of careers in government. It includes training and education requirements,salary statistics,and professional and Internet resources.

eBook Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies/McGraw-Hill, Published: 2002
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2002



Teacher, police officer, librarian, social worker -- if you wish to enter one of these occupations, this book is for you, because most of these workers are employed by state and local governments.

Judge, nurse, word processor, accountant, civil engineer, elected official -- if you wish to follow one of these occupations, this book is for you, too, because federal, state, and local government agencies and departments employ thousands of these workers.

National, state, and local government agencies are major providers of services. They provide education, mass transportation, fire protection, health services, and welfare services, as well as the vital service of managing the the government itself. Consequently, they are likely employers for people in occupations such as the following:


building engineer

building inspector


college and university instructor

computer programmer, analyst

elected official

emergency medical technician

extension service specialist


food service worker


health inspector

highway maintenance worker


land use manager



police officer

postal worker

sanitation worker

school principal



urban and regional planner

water and wastewater conservation and treatment worker

word processor

These governments also employ more people in their own operations than any other industry in the country. As a consequence, thousands of people in occupations such as the following work for them:

accounting clerk

administrative assistant

automotive mechanic


building engineer

civil engineer

clerical supervisor

clinical lab technician

computer programmer


file clerk

food services worker

gardener and groundskeeper


heavy equipment operator


licensed practical nurse

maintenance worker

nursing aide and orderly


psychiatric aide

recreation worker

registered nurse

social worker

systems analyst


Altogether, more than 1.8 million people are employed as civilian employees of the federal government. Millions more work for the armed forces and the U.S. Postal Service. Another 7.2 million are employed by state and local governments, not counting the education and hospital sectors. This book is a guide to these jobs. It will introduce you to the scope of state and local government and point out the incentives and drawbacks of a government career.

Much of the book deals with specific occupations in which governments are either the major employer or the employer of thousands of workers. In addition, some other occupations associated with government -- city manager, for example -- are described. For each of the major occupations, there is information on the nature of the work, what you should bring to the occupation, its rewards, where you can get a job, and where to learn more about the field. For other occupations, at least some information is given on the nature of the work, training required, number of people employed, and -- usually -- sources of information besides those listed in the appendix material.

The section on the nature of the work, which immediately follows the occupation's title, describes the usual duties and work environment of the job, including information on unusual work hours or working conditions.

What you should bring to this occupation describes the personal characteristics, aptitudes, skills, experience, and education that make people successful at this kind of work. The kinds of tests applicants must usually take are also indicated, along with the training given to new workers.

The rewards deals with salaries and other benefits, such as vacation and sick leaves; it also indicates nonmonetary benefits, such as personal satisfaction or the chances for advancement, and some things to make you think twice about the occupation -- the reasons why some workers are dissatisfied.

Where to find a job indicates the number of people who work for state and local governments in this occupation, mentioning the usual employing agency when possible. Other sources of employment also are given for many occupations. Information on the job outlook over the next ten years is also given, in cases where projections are available.

The last section, Where to learn more, provides the names and addresses of associations of workers in the field and lists periodicals and books that can give you more insight into the occupation. The sources of information listed in the appendix material should also prove useful.

Copyright © 2001 by The McGraw-Hill Companies

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