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The Plausible Prince [MultiFormat]
eBook by K.G. McAbee

eBook Category: Fantasy/Romance
eBook Description: Asthmatic teacher Matt Southers is busy hating his job and his life when two oddly dressed strangers make him a crazy offer. He knows they can't be serious, but the offer brings back memories of his role-playing days in college and he agrees to at least discuss it over burgers. Several beers later, Matt awakens in a bed not his own, on a world not his own, and is thrust into an impossible role. He must take the place of a dead prince and lead an army to defeat a powerful wizard. Impossible? Heck, yes! He's sure he can't do it. But then he meets Commander Ria Hawkmoon, who is like no other woman he's ever met. Before he knows it, he's in love with her. Too bad, since she's carrying a torch for the dead prince--Matt's double--and she seems to hate Matt for being so much like the prince. Can things get any worse? Well, yes, they can, when the evil wizard Gremian Brecc strikes and the final battle for Urrathe begins?

eBook Publisher: Uncial Press, Published: 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2008

14 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"...had me from the beginning. I wish I could travel to other worlds. Matt finally found his courage in the other world of Urrathe. Ria is a strong woman who I just could not get enough of. The journey that they both take is one that I did not want to see end. The ending certainly makes me want to read the next book! 4 Cups!"--Krista, Coffee Time Romance

"The world that McAbee paints comes to life, and the characters live and breathe and make you love them. (This reviewer was particularly tickled by the flaws that made them so very human.) Danger, intrigue, and the subtle spice of (mostly off-screen) romance blend together perfectly in this first book in a projected trilogy. One hopes that the next volume of Matt's adventures will be released soon!"--Ann Leveille, Sensual Romance

"Excellent! Fast paced, exciting battles, and a touch of romance are blended together to make this a story to remember! It leaves the reader with a sense of satisfaction and hungry for more!"--Huntress Reviews

A scream, the most hideous sound Matt had ever heard, ripped through the still morning air. A distant splashing sound followed. An instant later, around a pile of boulders dashed Spot. The dog sprang towards them, dripping wet, strings of blood-tinged drool trailing from either side of his mouth. Panting, tail tucked between legs, he gave an excited "Yip!" as he flashed by them in the direction of the castle.

Behind Spot lumbered the most incredible beast Matt had ever hoped--not to see.

It reared up on its back legs when it caught sight of them; it was taller than a grizzly and twice as massive. It was covered in thick black fur dripping with water, and one huge arm, as broad around as Matt's waist, ended in a great paw dripping with blood.

Its head seemed to split in the middle. The huge mouth, packed with inch-long fangs, ripped out another high-pitched scream.

Matt scrambled for his sword, cursing it for being so far from his hand. Ria, wasting no time with curses, sprang for her own and seized it by the hilt. A quick snap and the sheath and belt flew off, leaving three feet of shining steel pointed up at the creature's throat. It looked a tiny thing compared to the beast's hulk, but Ria stood her ground, never wavering when the thing let out another screaming snarl.

Matt reached his own sword and unsheathed. Just as he turned to face the thing, it reared over the commander, great limbs spread wide, dwarfing her. Ignoring the threat of her blade, it dove towards her.

Ria's silver sword aimed straight for the huge beast's throat. A paw bristling with deadly curving claws slapped it way, but quick as lightning she jabbed again. The blade slid into the creature's belly. Crimson blood spurted as Ria withdrew the steel shaft and poised to plunge again.

The beast screamed again, this one clearly born of agony, and lunged at Ria. She stood her ground, sword at ready. The beast didn't give her a chance to strike again; before she could move, it slammed her with one massive arm, flinging her, sword and all, against a tree.

Matt heard Ria hit the unyielding wood, but the beast rounded on him so quickly that he couldn't see where she fell. He stood en garde, his sword high, as it approached. It reared over his head, let out a growl. A stream of blood pumped from the hole in its belly. He smelled the acrid stench of the thing, saw the gleam in its tiny eyes as it paused, almost as if it relished his fear.

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