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Sef, The Lion of Yesterday [Egyptian Shifters 3] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Marisa Chenery

eBook Category: Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Separated from his twin when a demon traps them in the mortal realm, Sef falls for the mortal woman who nursed him back to health while unable to shift from his lion form. Unable to return to the underworld where he and his twin brother Duau guard its gate, Sef fears an attack that is sure to come. A vet, Chandra takes in many exotic animals that have been mistreated by owners that don't know how to look after them. When she accepts the lion that had been captured in a farmer's field, she sees something in the lion's eyes that reaches out to her. Never did she expect the lion to shift into Sef, one half of the Egyptian god Aker. When the demon finds Sef and takes him and Chandra to the underworld, Chandra has to make the ultimate sacrifice for the man she loves. [Contemporary Erotic Romance. Warning: contains graphic sexual content and adult language.]

eBook Publisher: Siren-BookStrand, Inc./Siren Classic, Published: 2009, 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2009

28 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

4 HEARTS: "Marisa Chenery continues this shifter series with another great love story. So far they're stand alone books with the common denominator being great eroticism and romance when gods meet mortals. Chandra's and Sef's tale is no exception. Ms. Chenery mixes some mellow humor and hot sex with a vicious demon who picks the wrong god to hurt when he picks on Sef. Bad enough the evil one is foolish enough to pick on both Sef and his twin Duau, he threatens Chandra. She proves to be a heroine in her own right. The author pens the details of the tale with colorful language and structure. Book three proves to be another well crafted book where the scenarios seem to be playing out in living color in front of our eyes."--Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio

4 ANGELS: "Sef, The Lion of Yesterday, Egyptian Shifters 3 is a fun read with plenty of hot love scenes. The interaction between Chandra and Sef in his lion form is adorable. At first afraid of the lion's power, Chandra learns to trust him and he's soon following her around the house like an oversized pet cat. As in previous books in the series, Marisa Chenery adds in enough detail to make the mysterious world of the Egyptian gods seem real and comprehensible. This is another great addition to the Egyptian Shifters series."--Maija, Fallen Angel Reviews

"The tale is intriguing, the characters strong and engaging. This is one of the hallmarks of Marisa Chenery book, and Sef, The Lion of Yesterday is no exception. There is one more coming that I am aware of, and I am truly looking forward to its arrival."--Rose, Romance at Heart

Chapter 1

Sef called out to his twin brother, Duau, as he placed himself between the gate to the underworld and the large group of demons that faced him. Duau appeared at his side a split second later.

As twins, Duau and he were virtually identical. Both of them had dark brown hair, that they both wore shoulder length, and gold eyes. They both stood at six foot ten. Along with their height, their bodies had a thick padding of muscle, which they needed since they each guarded a gate where the sun god Ra entered and exited the underworld each night.

The demons' eyes glowed red as they slowly inched closer. Sef growled in warning. "We will not allow your kind to pass through the gate."

The demon that stood out in front, who Sef assumed was their leader, returned his volley. "I didn't ask your permission, guardian. We're prepared to go through you if need be to get through the gate."

At their leader's signal, the demons drew their swords as one. In answer to the threat, Sef and Duau quickly shifted into their lion forms. They didn't need swords to defend the gate. In the form of Barbary lions, they each weighed six hundred pounds of pure muscle. Their weapons of choice--razor sharp teeth and claws.

The lions roared as the demons suddenly went on the attack. Sef bunched his powerful back legs under him and launched himself at the closest demon. He brought the demon down before he even had time to raise his sword. Sef tore his throat out with his powerful jaws just as another demon came up behind him. He roared in pain as he took a sword cut across his one shoulder. Turning to face his attacker, Sef swatted the demon with one of his massive paws. The demon went down hard, which gave Sef the chance to move in for the kill.

The battle raged on. Both lions roared as they fought the demons. They took them down one at a time until only the demons' leader remained alive. Sef and Duau circled around him as they hemmed him in on both sides. Blood from the wounds they'd received marked their fur in places.

His eyes burned red as the demon watched the lions. They stalked closer. "You may have defeated the others, but I get the last strike."

The demon raised his hands in the direction of the lions. Sef roared with rage as he realized the demon had called upon some power to pin him in place. Duau roared as well as he fought the demon's hold. The demon laughed at their futile attempts to break free. He then started to recite a spell. Sef fought even harder when he heard the words. The demon sought to separate him from Duau and trap them both in the mortal realm. Just as the demon completed the spell, Sef only had enough time to look over at his twin before they were yanked from the underworld.

* * * *

Chandra Marshall finished inspecting the large thoroughbred gelding and patted his neck. He really was a beautiful horse, not that he'd looked it when he had first arrived. Malnourished, as well as mistreated, the gelding had been in bad shape. What a difference the right amount of food and some loving care had made.

Closing the stall door, Chandra moved on to her next patient. A veterinarian, she ran her own animal rescue shelter, something she'd always wanted to do. After she graduated, Chandra had worked for a couple of years in a veterinarian clinic, only long enough to save up money to buy a place large enough to start her shelter. At twenty-eight, she now lived her dream on a medium sized farm on the outskirts of Toronto.

The sound of a phone ringing caused Chandra to change direction. She quickly headed to the back of the large barn where she had a small office set up. On the fourth ring she picked up the phone. "Animal Rescue Shelter."

"Hey, Chandra, it's Bill."

"Hi, Bill. What can I do for you?"

"Do you have room to take on another animal?"

"Sure do. What have you got for me this time?" An animal lover, Bill had found many injured or mistreated animals over the years, which he then brought to her to take look after.

"I have a lion for you this time."

"A lion?" She'd taken care of a few wild cats since she opened the shelter, mostly lynx, bobcat and cougar, but never a lion.

"Yes. A male lion to be exact. We have him tranquilized, but he's in rough shape. He has some pretty deep wounds. He needs your magic touch."

"Where did you find him?"

"I'll explain more when I get to your place. I'm on my way as we speak. I should be there in about five minutes. I knew you wouldn't turn him away. See you in a bit."

Chandra hung up the phone after Bill clicked off. She headed back out to the main part of the barn to check the large kennel she'd used to house the other cats. It would be a bit on the small size for a full grown male lion, but it would hold him. The sound of Bill's van coming up her gravel drive had Chandra rushing outside to meet him.

Bill got out of his white cargo van and waved as she approached. When she joined him, he took her around to the back of the van and opened the doors. Chandra's breath caught at the sight of the large male lion stretched out asleep on the van's floor. Bill's wife, Violet, sat with the lion's head in her lap. Both in their early sixties, they looked more like grandparents, which they were, than tough and canny animal rescuers.

Violet smiled at her. "Good to see you again, Chandra. Our boy here has had a pretty rough time of it from the looks of him."

Chandra looked the lion over as she made note of the dried blood on his coat. The wounds themselves looked to be slice marks, as if someone had taken a large knife to him. "Let's get him inside the barn. I'll go open the back doors, Bill, if you want to drive around."

As Bill got back inside the van, Chandra hurried inside to open the large sliding doors at the back of the barn. She would get Bill to back right up to the kennel. Hopefully then the three of them would be able to get the lion out of the van and into it. She knew the lion would weigh a ton. Male lions could weigh several hundred pounds.

Somehow the three of them, along with the aid of the rolling table she used when she did surgery, managed to get the large lion out of the van. Luckily, he didn't come out of the tranquilized-induced sleep while they moved him. They'd had to manhandle the lion a bit more than Chandra would have liked, but there had been no going around it. After assuring Bill and Violet she'd have the lion fixed up in no time, and that she'd keep them informed of his progress, Chandra waved them off.

She returned to the barn and grabbed the things she would need to clean up the lion's wounds. Chandra then headed back over to the kennel. She knew she would have to work quickly. He could come out of it at any time. In no way did Chandra want to be inside the small kennel with a fully aware full grown male lion. It may not be the safest thing to do, to work on the lion alone, but she didn't have an assistant to help her. The animals she had in the shelter usually weren't the dangerous type. And she preferred to work on her own.

As Violet had said, some of the wounds turned out to be on the deep side. She couldn't shake the feeling that someone had taken a really large knife, or sword, to him. A couple looked as if they could be stitched, but for now she settled for cleaning the wounds only. She would wait and see what they looked like tomorrow. Giving him more tranquilizers when she didn't know how much Bill had used on him already wouldn't be a good thing. If she gave him too much there would be a chance he'd never wake up.

Chandra had almost finished when the lion twitched as she cleaned one of his deeper wounds. She debated with herself whether to leave the last wound or to quickly take care of it. When he seemed to relax again, Chandra decided to just quickly get it over with. That turned out to be a mistake. As soon as she touched the wound he went from being under to completely awake and standing on all four paws. He moved his head right up into her face and gave her a good sniff. Chandra stiffened. She was so screwed.

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